Pregnancy Feel Good Tips

ff05bedf1d709f0449b9035bcc696c7d1Are you feeling fantastic and feminine? Glowing and gorgeous? Or irritable and tired all the time? Emotions tend to run high when you’re pregnant and it’s not unusual to feel vulnerable and overwhelmed with all the changes expected ahead. During this time, it’s important for expecting mums to take care of themselves physically and emotionally. Take a look at our feel good tips below for a happy and healthy pregnancy.

  • New changing body

If you are expecting your body to look a certain way during pregnancy- don’t. Your body is bound to change, and you won’t have any control of it. Indulge your desire to pamper and listen to the comments your friends and family make about your new thick, glossy hair or your glowing skin. There’s nothing like a pamper session to give your self-esteem a quick boost, whether it’s a luxurious pedicure at the salon or a warm bath full of gorgeously scented bubbles.

  • Feeling Moody

Pregnancy can be an emotional roller-coaster so don’t be surprised if you’re feeling happy and energetic one minute and irritable and tired the next. During pregnancy, your hormone levels surge as the amount of progesterone and oestrogen in your blood increases.  Although mood swings may be out of your control, there are a few steps you can take to make yourself feel better. When you’re feeling agitated, take a break and make time for yourself. Go for a walk, read the latest issue of your favourite magazine or just put your feet up and relax. It’s likely that your partner’s on the other end of your unpredictable mood swings, so when you’re feeling calm try to spend some quality time together.

  • Lack of sleep

Pregnancy can make sleep difficult. Not only can the physical discomforts affect your quality of sleep, but the emotional changes you experience can also have an impact. During the first trimester of your pregnancy you might find yourself waking up more often to run to the bathroom, disruptions in your sleep due to emotional stress and increased sleepiness in the daytime. There are a lot of physical things that you can do to help. Try extra pillows for more support, adopting a healthy diet, new relaxation techniques such as yoga, massages and exercise. It’s also essential to try and keep your emotions in check and not to get worked up. If you do wake up, try reading a book instead of panicking about your lack of sleep.

  • Poor concentration

The lack of focus and being unable to concentrate are common complaints of pregnant women. Forgetting where you put your car keys, your handbag, or even your telephone number- these are all these are all caused by the poor concentration induced by pregnancy.  High hormone levels could be the culprit for your forgetfulness, but doesn’t worry there are a few things you can do to boost your attentiveness.  Firstly, ensure you eat energizing foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables. Go to bed early- aim for 8 hours of sleep a night. It’s a good idea to jot things down in a notebook, or buy a dairy to keep track of what you need to do each day. Make sure you aren’t bombarded with tasks; it’s ok to ask for help- the less you have on your plate, the better.

New mum worries

You’re about to become responsible for a whole new life, so that trepidation you’re feeling now is completely normal. Don’t stress yourself out- before you know it, mothering will become second nature! If you’re really feeling anxious read up on baby care, spend time with family/friends who have babies or even take classes.


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