Fisher-Price Rainforest Crib Rail Soother: Lull your baby to sleep with the sounds of nature

cust0_6056_oriAre you one of the many frustrated parents that have trouble getting their little one to sleep at night? Do you find that putting baby to bed is more of a battle than a gentle and calm end to a long day? Well, don’t worry! Fisher-Price have come up with the perfect solution to bedtime woes – the Rainforest Crib Rail Soother!

Part of the Fisher-Price Rainforest range, this ingenious product creates a calming and peaceful environment when it’s time for little one to rest, perfect for encouraging baby to relax and drift off to dreamland.

cust1_6056_oriOnce you’ve seen the Rainforest Crib Rail Soother in action, you’ll soon understand why so many mums and dads have chosen it for their nursery. Completely soft and safe for baby to touch, the fabric crib rail attaches easily to the side of the cot. On baby’s side, a host of rainforest animal characters, such as the friendly elephant and giraffe, greet baby with bright smiles. These cute, exotic animals are illuminated by a series of soft lights. Babies find this calming display mesmerising – which is ideal when you want them to settle down.

On mum and dad’s side, there is a calm, neutral design and a handy control panel, so that parents can control the soother without disturbing baby from their slumber.

The Soother also plays up to 30 minutes of soothing lullabies and noises from nature, so there is bound to be a tune that is perfect for your baby. You’ll probably find the gentle sounds pretty relaxing too!

Key features summary:

  • – Makes for a perfect gift
  • – Choice of twinkling or tracking light patterns
  • 65 cm long
  • – Plays up to 30 minutes of soothing music, white noise and nature sounds
  • – After 5 minutes the light show slows down to reduce stimulation and lull baby to sleep
  • Control panel and volume control is easy to access and faces away from baby
  • – Simply requires 4 AA batteries
  • Washable surface

What do other mums say?

“A really good tool to soothe babies and help them go to sleep peacefully at bed-time. I’d pro_11274_orgrecommend it.”

“My little girl loves this. I put it on in her cot as she goes to bed and by the time it’s finished she’s flat out! Great for the money.”

“A must have for all mums. Plays beautiful tunes and lovely nature sounds which are really soothing for good half hour which is great for them nodding off! And love how each animal face lights up to catch their attention too. Also handy to have as background noise whilst in arms rocking them to sleep in bedroom!”

Fisher-Price has been around for decades (in fact you might even have been a Fisher-Price baby yourself!) so it’s comforting to know that they are still producing excellent, high quality toys for the little ones of today. The utterly charming Fisher-Price Rainforest range brings to life the beauty and colours of the natural world with a variety of stunning, adorable products – such as the Bouncer, Deluxe Stroller Toy and Melodies & Lights Deluxe Gym, perfect for style-conscious parents and babies!

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