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feeding_baby_1Baby’s first forays in to the world of food can be exciting, fun, perhaps a little daunting and certainly very messy!

At BÉABA, they’ve been guiding parents on this journey of discovery for almost 25 years with the Babycook® family of baby food makers.  Babycook is a unique appliance that steams, blends, warms and defrosts homemade baby food, so that right from the start children can enjoy fresh, healthy food with the whole family.

So here are some tips we’ve picked up over the years:

What to try first?

Keep it simple at first – steamed vegetables are a good place to start. After a while, try familiar foods that your family enjoys, pureed to a baby-friendly consistency – just remember not to add salt or sugar!

It’s not all going in!

At first, most food will end up on their face, down their front, on the floor, or over you!  As long as they are still drinking milk (breast or formula), then they are getting all the nourishment they needs, so don’t feel pressured to get everything in.

What consistency should puree be?

It all depends on your baby so be guided by them.  Introduce lumpier food gradually and make sure the food is still soft enough for them to ‘chew’.  If they are not ready, then just pop the food back in the blender for an extra whizz – they might be ready for lumps next time.

What next?

Well, the ultimate aim is for your baby to enjoy a wide range of food with the rest of the family – so the sky’s the limit.  Make sure you offer a range of savoury and sweet foods – feeding-baby-with-fruitbabies have no preconceptions of what should be eaten at what point in the meal, so once they are used to individual flavours, blend foods together to make exciting combinations and be as adventurous as they will let you!

It seems like a lot of effort – I might just use jars.

There’s no need to resort to shop bought jars – just adapt what you’re eating to suit baby’s needs, or vice versa!  Try batch cooking larger amounts, and freezing it in smaller portions to defrost and warm when you’re ready, which saves a lot of hassle at mealtimes.

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