Foods to Feed your Baby during Winter

baby-girl-winterWinter’s here and we know how easy it is to pile your trolley up high with bags of comfort food- buttery biscuits, comforting cakes, chocolates that melt in your mouth…

During this cold season, it’s a great idea to ditch the junk and make a list of nutritious and healthy foods for you and your little one to enjoy. Plus, choosing foods that are bursting with vitamins is not only necessary for your baby’s health and bodily growth, but helps to reduce the risk of them catching a cold or harmful virus.  Here’s our list of foods to help you and your little one to beat the winter blues:

  • Sweet Potato

So, you’re little one is starting to venture out into the world of stimulating new flavours, and you’re looking for that super food that will keep him healthy while tingling his taste buds. Sweet potatoes are so easy to prepare- you can mash them, boil them, steam them, bake them and they’ll still retain that delicious flavour. Not only are they easy to cook, but are high in Vitamin A, Vitamin C and loaded with tons of fibre, providing your baby with all the energy he needs during the cold months.

  • Fruits and Berries

This winter, turn to the abundant supply of fresh fruits and delicious berries, bursting with goodness and Vitamin C to help boost your baby’s  immunity against infection. The nutrients found in fresh berries encourage brain development, help with concentration, increase energy and include so many antioxidants too. Add fresh fruits and berries to a hearty, comforting breakfast meal or sprinkle on top of a bowl of yoghurt for a yummy dessert.

  • Lentils

Lentils are a good source of protein, particularly if you’re planning to keep your baby vegetarian.  Crammed with fibre, lentils are also one of the most affordable healthy foods you can buy. Try combining cooked lentils with mixed vegetables and experiment with seasoning- bay leaves work well.  It’s a good idea to include lentils as a tasty staple in your little ones diet and will increase steady, slow burning energy too.

  • Kale

This leafy green is loaded with plenty of fibre and calcium- a great addition to your baby’s meals.  There are endless benefits of kale, it’s rich in iron and is one of the rare foods that contain Vitamin K that helps to prevent cancer. If you feed your little one kale on its own, don’t be surprised if it ends up down your clothes instead- it’s not the most appetizing thing to feed your baby. However, you can add kale to blended up fresh fruits or pureed meats so your baby will enjoy all of the nutritious benefits whilst having a tasty meal.

  • Turkey

So, you’re planning an extravagant Christmas meal for the whole family, but wondering what your baby will eat. Let him join in with the festive food and cut up pieces of turkey that are loaded with protein, helping with his growth and development.

  • Sprouts

Not everyone loves the distinctive taste of sprouts, but at this time of the year they are easily available and cheaper to buy. Sweet and tender, brussel sprouts are a great source of fibre and are naturally low in fats. They also contain potassium, iron, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. So, if you’re preparing a delicious Christmas meal, let your baby benefit from the healthy and tasty dishes on offer!


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