The forever dropping soother, here’s your answer to sterilisation on the go

We know and understand the struggle that is travelling around with your baby; hyperactive spats, random bursts of hunger and uncalled for tears. The one saviour in all of this is the soother.

Soothers a great answer to calming down your baby and giving them something new to focus on, but what happens when you’re away from home and the soother drops to the ground, the muck and the dirt?

Milton have pretty much come to the rescue with their Milton Mini Soother Sterliser. Possibly the most perfect sized steriliser; easily portable, tiny and winner of both The Nursery Traders “Best Baby & Toddler Gear” award and Loved By Parents “Best Travel Invention.”

Milton Mini

Head over to BabyCity to purchase the Milton Mini Soother Steriliser for just £5.49.

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