General Safety at Home

Once your baby is moving around you will want to make your home a ‘child safe’ environment. Most accidents occur in the home, however, there are a few simple precautions that you can take to ensure your baby’s safety.

The key to child safety is becoming more aware of the environment around you and simply applying common sense. Take a ‘Baby’s Eye View’ – even get down on your hands and knees – this will help you become more aware of the hazards in and around your home.

Simple Precautions:

– Never leave your baby unattended, even for a moment. You will find that suddenly your baby can move fast and reach things that were previously out of reach.

– Move all breakables to higher ground. Take special care with tablecloths. Don’t use a table cloth in a room that your toddler may play in and avoid leaving hot drinks, sharp knives and heavy objects on table edges.

– Always follow manufacturer instructions when using baby products in the home, particularly baby walkers, highchairs and booster seats.

– Take care when using second hand products. Make sure that you have the original packaging and instructions for use and that no parts are broken or damaged.

– Do not leave toys and small objects on the floor or on the stairs as many accidents are caused by falling over toys on stairs.

– Guard all dangers, particularly fires, stairs, doors and windows.

– Use 2 or 3 smoke detectors, depending on the size of your house. We recommend 2 downstairs and one upstairs. Some models are available with an automatic nightlight that is particularly suitable for use upstairs. Check smoke detectors regularly, remember your life may literally depend on it.

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