How To Get Baby To Sleep Better

baby sleepingGetting your little one to snooze consistently throughout the night can seem like a huge challenge.  Trying to create healthy sleep habits? Here are some ways to maximise your baby’s sleep time so you can get some well-earned shut eye too!

• Your baby’s nursery should be a designated room for sleep so clear out the toys and distractions around his crib. Clearing toys away from the sleeping area will make your baby associate the room with going to bed rather than playing.

•  It is recommended to put your baby in his own room for at least one nap a day from the start to get him acclimated to his own room.  If your little one shares your bedroom try using a partition. If your baby wakes up in the night and you are the first thing he sees, it will be easy for him to rely on you to help him fall back to sleep.

• Make sure that the temperature in the nursery is consistent and cool so baby can sleep comfortably.  Make sure that the location of the crib isn’t in the direct pathway of your radiator or air conditioning too.

• There is a misconception that you should use night lights, when in fact you should cut out all of the light you can. Also, remove anything shiny from the room including baby monitors, CD players and flashing toys. If your baby wakes up in the night for feeding, attach a dimmer switch to the nursery lamp.

• What your baby can hear (or can’t) has an impact on his sleep. A white noise machine can be used to cancel out house noise, cars and other sounds that will distract your little one.  You can also buy some noise machines that play soothing sounds such as lullabies and the sound of the ocean, however a white noise resembles the noise baby hears in the womb so is therefore more comforting to your baby. A travel machine is perfect as you are able to recreate the sounds of the nursery wherever you are.

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