The labour bag: What to pack for the hospital!

It is always a good idea to remain prepared before the birth of your new born. For this reason, it is also recommended you pack your hospital bag in advance, just in case your baby arrives early!

Below is a checklist of items we feel should be essential in your hospital bag. Feel free to print off this list and keep it nearby as a reference and don’t be afraid to add anything extra which you feel may be needed, preparation is the key!

For You

What exactly should a birth plan be?

What exactly should a birth plan be?

  1. Your birthing plan
  2. Hospital notes
  3. Change and money for car parking, snacks, telephone etc.
  4. Some snacks and water for during labour (yes you’re allowed snacks! (bread, soup and bananas are some good ideas)
  5. Nightie (x2)
  6. Dressing gown and slippers (keep yourself comfortable before and after!)
  7. Change of underwear (MINIMUM of three pairs)
  8. A watch/clock
  9. Toiletries
  10. Sanitary pads
  11. Nursing bras
  12. Breast pads
  13. Change of clothes (for going home)
Read more about preparing for your little one!

Read more about preparing for your little one!

For your baby

  1. Nappies suitable for your new born
  2. Cotton wool
  3. Nappy sacks
  4. Vests (x3)
  5. Going home outfit
  6. Scratch mitts
  7. Baby hat
  8. Cot blankets (x2)
  9. Milk feeding bibs (x2)
  10. Car seat

And there you have it, mums! Make the day a lot less stressful and daunting by being one step ahead of the game!

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