Make Christmas Eve THE night to remember for your toddler

This week we thought we’d do something a little special on Babycity; we’re talking to one of our writers in the office about her Christmas experiences as a little girl and what made them so magical. Grab your pens Mummies, she’s got quite a few tricks!

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“When I was younger, Christmas Eve was my favourite time of year. Of course, now I’m in my twenties and all I can do is look back on the night with nostalgia whilst envious of my younger self. I’m going to share with you guys my top tips for making Christmas so magical for your little one it will have them really (seriously) believing Santa is real.

1)      Make a trip that is all about your little one and Santa

Start Christmas Eve with a big breakfast, big Santa talk and a food shopping trip. But don’t worry, it won’t be a manic, strop-filled shop, it will all be for Santa! My mum and sister would take me to the supermarket to buy Rudolf some carrots, Santa some beer and a big load of cookies or mince pies. It didn’t stop there. Every year I was allowed to buy one new Christmassy dish to place Santa’s treats on under the tree. The best thing about the shopping trip was that as a toddler, I had a focus – I wasn’t just being dragged around doing a food shop – the shop was for me, so there were no strops in sight! Just good fun!

2)       Relax and await the big man’s arrival

Come back home, cosy up with them and make a good cup of hot chocolate. One of my best memories was sitting on the sofa, hot chocolate in hand and watching Miracle On 34th Street. Christmas Eve is all about relaxing and awaiting the arrival of Santa (and wearing one hell of a Santa hat whilst waiting, may I add!)

3)      Wrap up any last minute presents

My sister was quite the control freak when it came to wrapping up presents perfectly, so I was no help in this department – it was mostly filled with chaos and some arguments and tantrums – so I’d advise otherwise; perhaps give your toddler one job to do on each present, to add in a star on top of the gift or some finishing touches? Get them involved!


I put this in capitals because this is what made everything so magical. I was told to write my list to Santa in my best handwriting, to ask him how he was and ALWAYS to ask about Rudolf. To make it even more of an occasion, my sister (who was 10 years older than me) even wrote a list herself. She made me put the list in a little Santa boot we had for years and to roll up the letter like a scroll – ready for Santa to read!

5)      Lay out all of Santa’s treats

Alongside the Santa boot of letters, I would place out the cookies, carrots and beer I bought for Santa and Rudolf in the day and head to bed early – remember, Santa won’t come unless your little one is asleep!

6)      The secret mission

This is your time to shine, mum. While your little one is asleep, make sure you have wrapping paper that is completely different to anything you’d ever choose (so it looks like paper from Santa’s workshop) and get wrapping! While you wrap, munch on the treats your little one left out, have a sip of the beer (if you don’t like beer, ask your partner or just drain it out so it looks opened!) and have a nibble of the carrot! You want to make it look like the big man was really in the house. Once the treats have been demolished you want to reply to your child’s letter. Yes, believe me; I know it sounds insane, but it does work. Reply in different handwriting and with a personal message to make your child feel special in Santa’s eyes!

Anddddd…you can relax, sleep and wake up on Christmas Day to watch your ecstatic child! These are all my best memories growing up as a child, the effort was put in by my family but I think they would all say it was worth it!”

Have a very Merry Christmas!

The Babycity team x

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