Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder: The Safer Way to Introduce Solids!

pro_9911_orgWatching your child experience new tastes and flavours as you wean them onto solids is one of the truly wonderful stages in their development. It’s hard to beat sharing their delight when they discover something delicious. Let’s not forget the funny faces they pull when it’s not quite to their taste either. Priceless!

As any new parent will tell you, it’s also very common to worry about the change from easy-to-swallow liquids and purees to the very different texture and size of solid food pieces. If you are concerned about this, you’re definitely not alone. We all know that encouraging enjoyment of a wide range of foods is an important part of the process – as is building their independence. No one wants a fussy eater! The problem is if you cut things up into tiny pieces, most young children find it tricky to pick up and eat themselves and that quickly becomes frustrating. Give them larger pieces of food or something to hold and bite themselves and they can end up with larger chunks in their mouth and may choke.

cust0_4972_oriThe Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder is one of those ‘genius’ inventions that makes everyone wonder why it wasn’t thought of before now. Imagine a teething toy or soother that’s totally safe to bite on but that also tastes great because it’s got fresh food inside: that’s the Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder.

Designed as a ‘stepping stone’ product, there’s no choking risk at all. Choose fruits, vegetables or even cooked meat, put it the mesh bag and then click the holder shut. Your child then holds the handle and sucks and chews on the feeder, only to discover that tiny bits of food are coming through the mesh along with all those fantastic flavours and nutrients.

You can be clever with how you use this nifty product too. So if your little one is teething, try putting pieces of frozen fruit inside for them to bite and suck on. They’ll get cooling relief from their discomfort and the great taste will keep them happy too.

With the Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder, you and your baby can experiment with lots of exciting new foods safely. Why not go on a voyage of discovery? You could offer something exotic like mango or kiwi, or introduce cooked vegetables such as butternut squash or broccoli for example. Who knows, you might even be surprised to find their new favourite flavour is cauliflower or kumquat!

Key features summary:

  • Secure clasp to stop food falling out
  • Baby enjoys flavour and goodness of fresh food without the risk of choking
  • Sure Grip ring handle makes it easy for baby to hold independently
  • Available in a range of colours
  • BPA Free
  • 6+ months

What do other mums say?

“My 6m old loves hers. She has some watermelon or avocado in it every day after lunch. Keeps her occupied for ages.”

“I have twin boys who are a little behind in weaning due to being premature. They love the taste of fruit but couldn’t handle the bits. This is a great idea.”

“Used them for my daughter and she loved it. Teething tip – freeze some baby carrots and put one in for her to chew on. It will sooth her gums, but won’t melt, and get everything wet, like ice does!”

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