How New Parents Can Keep The Romance Alive This Valentine’s Day

The day’s filled with big bouquets of red roses, indulgent chocolates and romantic gestures…Yes; we’re talking about Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air and the most romantic day is right around the corner. If you’ve just had a baby though, romance is probably the last thing on your mind.

Having a baby truly is an amazing experience. The love you suddenly feel for your baby can be overwhelming. Realising that your newborn trusts you, and the fact that you and your partner are now responsible for a new life can bring you closer together.  However, sometimes it’s easy to get too caught up in being parents that you forget you’re a couple too.

Looking after a baby 24/7 can result in tiredness, stress and can take its toll on your relationship. It’s important to keep the spark going and this is the time to really work hard at nurturing your relationship.

So, how can you make this Valentine’s Day a special and memorable one? At the beginning, a lot of pressure of caring for the baby is put on the mother. Let the lady in your life know you care with these ideas.

* For a sleep deprived mother, a lie in at the weekends is a wonderful gift, followed by breakfast in bed of course!

* Take turns looking after your baby at night.  Knowing that her partner will get up to tend to the baby will allow her to get a good night’s rest. Even if she needs to breastfeed, bring your baby to her bed and change the baby when she’s finished.

* When you’re at work message her and let her know you’re thinking of her.

* Having someone take care of her will make her feel extra special so run her a bath and let her relax.

* Offer to look after the baby so she can have some needed girl time with her friends.

Fathers can be forgotten about when a new baby arrives as a lot of attention is paid to the new mother and baby. Don’t forget about the special man in your life- make him feel needed and important too. Here are some ideas:

* Message him while he is at work so he knows you are thinking of him.

* Appreciate all of his efforts to help.  A ‘thank you’ goes a long way and will make him feel better, plus it tells him he’s doing the right thing.

* Sometimes new Dads can feel left out as all your attention is focused on your baby. Don’t forget to tell him you love him each day.

* Don’t criticise his efforts to look after your baby, encourage him instead.

* Let him enjoy a night out with his friends.

Spending quality time together as a family is sure to boost your connection. Go for a walk as a family or to a café for lunch. If you want to spend time alone, ask grandparents or friends to babysit and enjoy a candle lit dinner together.


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