Newborn Nappy Changing

changing nappyEveryone fumbles at first when it comes to those first few nappies, but changing your newborn’s nappy will soon become second nature to you.

How many nappies will my baby need?
You will probably change your baby’s nappy 12 times a day to begin with. If you are using disposable nappies, it’s a good idea to stock up and buy them in bulk. If you’re going to use cloth nappies, you’ll probably need to buy 20 nappies and three wraps if you want to wash daily. The wrap size will change as your baby grows so don’t buy too many in one size.

Should I use disposables or reusables?
Many mothers prefer disposable nappies as they are convenient, especially in the first few weeks when you’re getting to grips with looking after your new baby. If you feel that there’s something just right about the soft feel of cotton nappies against your baby’s skin, then you could try cloth nappies. They are cheaper than disposable nappies in the long run, however washing them at a very high temperature has a negative impact on the environment, plus it means tons of washing for you. Ultimately, the decision is your choice so decide which method suits you, your baby and your lifestyle.

Do I have to use special nappies on my newborn?
Whether you decide to go with disposable or cloth nappies, make sure that they allow your baby’s umbilical cord stump to be uncovered. Nappies that are designed for newborns have a notch cut out to leave room for the stump. If you are unable to find these types of nappies, you can fold down the front half of a standard nappy.

When should I change my baby?
You should change your baby’s nappy before or after every feed, or whenever he’s done a poo. Also check for wetness every 2 hours or so by testing with a clean finer. You can also buy nappies with a wetness indicator, although this isn’t essential.

How do I change my baby’s nappy?
Set up a changing area where everything you need is in reach, such as barrier cream, cloth wipes, liners and wraps. The best place to change a nappy is on a changing mat, but you may want to put a towel down to ensure your baby is comfortable. Never leave your baby unattended whilst he is on a changing mat, you can keep one hand on him to ensure he doesn’t wriggle off. To change a nappy, unfasten the tabs and fold them over so they don’t stick to your baby. Pull down the front half of the dirty nappy and use the front half to wipe your baby’s bottom. Fold the dirty nappy in half under your baby, clean side up. Then clean his front with a baby wipe. You can either lift the legs or roll him gently to one side to clean your baby’s thighs and bottom. Then your baby is ready for a new, clean nappy!

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