Pardon you! How to deal with embarrassing gas during pregnancy.

Right, we all think it, we all fear it, and I’m just going to say it: gas is an issue. I said it. It’s an issue even when you aren’t pregnant but when you’re expecting, all the muscles in your digestive system and abdomen relax, you have a little person pressing down on your stomach and everything becomes very, well, uncomfortable. Of course we’re here to help you out (always), so here are our tips to easing away from the embarrassing flatulence and belching.

Say bye to these gastastic foods:

  1. According to gastroenterologist Dr. Patricia Raymond MD you should try and stay clear of “beans, cabbage, onions, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus and corn; fruits such as pears, apples, prunes and peaches; whole grain products and oats; milk, ice cream and cheese; and carbonated drinks [and] fruit juices,” Now, I know that was a ridiculous amount of no-go-zones to throw at you, but remember, you don’t have to completely cut them out. Simply lower your intake and be slightly cautious of what affects you the most.
  2. The artificial sweeteners, such as sorbitol, that can be found in those junk foods, fizzy drinks and naughty treats we all want to binge out on are a prime suspect. They’re foods everyone should really avoid, so imagine the sheer gastronomical catastrophe that comes with being pregnant!
  3. Try and ease yourself into having quite a bit of fiber each day; it will help create and maintain regular bowel movements, and if you’re having to pop to the loo more regularly than usual, you arent going be suffering from as much uncomfortable gas build up!

How to deal with some of that inevitable gas:

  1. Get movin’ mamma! Well, gently. A really handy trick to deal with post-meal gas is to take a light walk to relieve some of the build-up in your belly and move it around. It won’t just relieve you of gas but it helps to reduce stress levels and will leave you feeling a bit lighter on your feet.
  2. If you’re lying down and you can feel your little one just piercing their limbs into your abdomen (the cute little non-pain in the bums that they are!) try elevating your legs. The readjustment will help relieve any buildup and will take the weight off of your digestive system.
  3. Try not to drink while you eat, don’t eat too fast and avoid drinking from bottles or straws; all of these things can cause air bubbles, increase bloating and gas. It’s best to be safe than sorry on the toilet!
  4. Keep your own food diary where you note down what you eat, when you eat it and how you feel after. A handy trick is to identify what effects you the most by slowly reintroducing those notoriously gassy foods back into your diet and when you realise the main culprits, you can cut them out of your diet!
  5. You’ll get to wear those loose tops, leggings and palazzo pants we all want to live in 24/7; comfort really is everything. But don’t think that means you can’t make an effort! Be a comfortable yummy mummy, look great and feel great for it.
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