Perfect Puree Recipes

pureeLooking for some tasty puree recipes to feed your little one? Tantalise his taste buds with these delicious recipes.

Carrot and butternut squash

Full of vitamin A, these healthy orange veggies are perfect for a warming autumn meal. To make the puree, steam 60g of peeled and chopped carrots with 100g peeled butternut squash until tender. Once cool, puree with 1tbsp vegetable oil and add your little one’s baby milk if needed.

Apple and plum

Plums provide useful amount of protective substances called polyphenols, so not only is this puree deliciously sweet, but provides your little one with a ton of benefits.
To whip up the puree, chop, peel and core one apple and two medium plums. Place them in a saucepan of 120ml of water and bring it to the boil. Stir until the fruit is tender then puree and serve!

Cauliflower and sweet potato

Rich in vitamin A, sweet potato is a great match with Cauliflower that contains plenty of Vitamin C. Steam 150g peeled and diced sweet potato with 70g cauliflower florets until tender to make the puree. Blend with 1tbsp of vegetable oil to make a thick, creamy puree.

Courgette, tomato and spinach

Tomatoes are a great source of essential vitamin C which helps the body to absorb iron. If you haven’t got time to skin and seed tomatoes, use a bottle of unsalted sieved passata. To make the puree, simply heat 1tbsp of oil and fry 100g cubed courgettes until soft (be sure not to brown them). Add 100g of spinach leaves and continue to cook until the spinach has wilted, then remove from the heat. Puree the mixture then stir in the passata.

Pea, broccoli and potato

Potatoes are a hot favourite with babies! If you can’t get your puree silky smooth, use a masher, potato ricer or mix in milk before you add other vegetables.  To make the puree, boil 100g of peeled and cubed potatoes until soft.  Then steam 100g of broccoli and 50g of frozen peas in a separate pan. Blend the cooked peas with the broccoli then stir in the potato to make a delicious puree.

Pear and apricot

If you’re looking for a sweet puree recipe, try this delicious fruity mix of apricot and pear, which gives your little one a good dose of vitamins E and C.  Put 100g dried apricots into a small saucepan and cover with 250ml of water. Bring to the boil then reduce to a simmer until the apricots are soft. Then, steam two medium pears, dice, peel and core them and steam for 5 minutes. Add all the ingredients together with the cooking liquid and puree.

Banana and avocado

Pureed together, these ingredients make the most creamy, rich puree, plus rich in vitamin E, a healthy fat. To make the puree, mash ¼ of a ripe avocado and ¼ of a ripe banana until you have a smooth puree.

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