Preventing Burns and Scalds on Children

Accidents happen, but there is plenty you can do to help prevent your child becoming badly scalded or burnt. Remember it only takes a second for a serious accident to occur. Baby’s skin is delicate and burn injuries can be horrific with long lasting consequences.

In the bathroom
The temperature of the water for bathing a baby should be between 32°c and 37°c. Put cold water in 1st and add hot to it, test with your elbow. Never leave your baby unattended in the bath, apart from the obvious drowning hazard; a toddler or older child in the bath could turn the hot tap on. As an extra precaution turn your thermostat to below 54°c (130°F).

In the kitchen
Take care in keeping hot drinks, food and pan handles out of reach, use rear hobs when possible. Remember that the front of an oven door can get very hot; it is best to keep toddlers out of the kitchen where possible. Fit short curly flexes on kettles and use mats on a table rather than a tablecloth, this will help prevent a child pulling on it and bringing a hot drink onto them.

In the living room
Again take care with hot drinks, especially on low coffee tables. Use a fireguard whether it is a solid fuel, electric or gas fire. Make sure you fit a smoke alarm, both upstairs and downstairs, every second counts when a fire occurs, especially if you have to rescue your baby too. If you already have a smoke detector, check it regularly; once a week is preferable.

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