How to Safely Treat Hay Fever While Pregnant

hayfeverAt this time of the year, pollen levels are beginning to rise, and for many this is the start of a summer of hay fever. Those phenomenally annoying problems of a constant runny nose, itchy eyes and tickly nose are no fun, especially when you can’t treat your allergies with mediations you would use when not pregnant. Pregnancy can be difficult enough, but coping with hay fever at the same time can add to the stresses and strains. During pregnancy, changes to your hormones can increase the chances of you feeling bunged up which can worsen during the hay fever season. Although you can’t you’re your usual medicines, there are ways to manage your symptoms without harming your baby.

Always check with your GP before you start to take any medicine when pregnant, including hay fever medicines. If your GP thinks that your symptoms require treatment, they will probably advise you to try a nasal spray, eye drops or nose drops first. Steroid nasal sprays such as Beconase or flixonase can be used because only a very tiny amount goes into your blood stream which then passes onto your baby. It’s recommended to avoid anti-histamines unless they have been prescribed by your GP. Saline nasal sprays can be bought over the counter and won’t harm your baby either.

If you want to stay clear of any type of medication altogether you can try natural methods. Honey is known to help hay fever symptoms. Try having a teaspoon a day- it will help your body build a natural defence against pollen. Another good tip is to try inhaling the steam from a bowl of hot water with menthol drops in it, just as you would to treat a common cold. You can also check the pollen count each day to judge whether you should stay indoors to reduce the chance of being exposed to pollen.


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