Safety in the Kitchen

Kitchens are not really a safe place for children! Here are some top tips for safety at home for baby.

Use a stair gate or travel barrier to temporarily block the kitchen off when cooking or when you are not closely supervising.

It is best to move all household chemicals and cleaning solutions out of reach. Cupboard and drawer locks will slow your baby down but many household chemicals are caustic or poisonous and they are best out of reach.

When cooking, always turn saucepan handles in, use a cooker safety guard for extra safety. An Oven Lock can be used to help prevent baby from opening the oven door.

A fridge lock is a useful addition as it will stop toddlers from opening the fridge door and making a mess.

When using a highchair in the kitchen it is easy to be distracted. Always use an additional 5 point harness set to secure your toddler in place.

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