How to save a baby’s life in under a minute

Courtesy of St Johns Ambulance, a new video has come to surface – and a cute video at that. The short, snappy and fun video that was released on Youtube contains a few quick steps to save a child’s when they’re from choking. 


The St. John Ambulance commented on this video saying:

Parents told us that over 40% of them have witnessed their own baby choke and when we quizzed them on the first aid, we found that almost four-fifths don’t know what to do in this situation… We hope people love the video and share it with their friends and family, so that as many people as possible know some first aid.

Every mum has these ‘irrational’ fears, but they aren’t irrational, they’re rational and nothing but pure maternal instinct. The more you know about caring for your baby in their time of need, the less anxiety riddled you’ll be when they need you the most. 

Be informed.

For more first aid tips and videos check out St. John Ambulance online at their website.

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