Shedding the Light on Night Lights!

pro_11372_orgWe’re sure that you, as a parent, know about the importance of night lights. They provide an element of security and comfort to the bedtime routine. Children are often scared of the dark and, without their night light, would suffer terrible bedtime anxiety. As the nights are now getting longer, it is the perfect time to thinking about getting one of these great little gadgets!

The Lindam Automatic Nursery Safety Sensor Light, also available in the Lindam Night Light Set, is suitable for parents who are looking for something simple, at a low price. This great night light has a light sensor, so it automatically switches off during the day and back on at night time.

cust1_4708_oriAnother budget option from Lindam is the Light My Way Night Light, which features an adorable owl design. The easy to hold handle means that it is perfect for little ones to carry. It also features a timer, meaning that the light is automatically switched off after 20 minutes to save energy.

Safety First also offer a budget night light – the Automatic Night Light, which lasts for an average of 50,000 hours! The bulb does not need to be replaced and it also features a sensor, which means that it doesn’t waste energy during the day. With an energy consumption of only 0.5W, this is perfect for eco-conscious families!

Brother Max offer the Dual Purpose Plug-in Night Light, which gives parents the ability to plug another appliance into the front of it – great for modern families with a lot of phone and laptop chargers to use! This means that little one can have the peace of mind that the hallway will be illuminated for them, but parents don’t find the presence of the night light obstructive.

For those looking to spend a little more, Brother Max also have the brilliant Carry & Hang Night Lights, available in a bunny and bear design. Thanks to the large loop design of the animals’ heads, these night lights can be hung on the door, meaning that little one can always find their way out to the hallway in the night. They are easy to hold and perfect for carrying as they remain cool to the touch. They also can be set to a gradual colour change cust2_4404_orito soothe little one. The nightlight will turn off after 30 minutes, when in night mode. However, if light enters the room during that 30 minutes, it will automatically turn off and then start its 30 minute cycle over once the room becomes dark again, great if you need to check up on baby in the night. It can be used while being charged!

The Babymoov Tweesty Night Light doubles up as a lullaby and nature sound player, perfect for soothing baby and helping them drift off to sleep. The flexible upper portion fits all baby bed furniture, so the night light can be hooked onto baby’s cot or changing table with no troubles.

We also have the Beaba Pixie Night Light. This cute light is a sweet addition to any bedroom. This little character also doubles up as a lantern, perfect for little one to carry with them. The pixie’s hat acts as an easy to grip handle. The light has been tested as a toy, which means little one can take it to bed with them with no worries about it getting too hot.

cust0_5412_oriFinally, we have the brilliant Boon Glo Night Light. This stylish, interesting looking product adds a touch of magic and intrigue to baby’s bedroom. The little light balls can be removed from the main base and can be played with as a toy in their own right – great for an illuminated game of catch or for little one to take with them on a trip to the bathroom. The multi coloured lights automatically fade out after 30 minutes, perfect for saving energy and preserving their bulbs.

All our night lights have great features, suitable for every family – so make sure you check out the range!

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