The Signs Of Pregnancy Hormones

food-cravings-pregnancyHormones. We curse them and we bless them. When it comes to pregnancy, some women are much more sensitive to hormonal changes, but regardless how you are affected by pregnancy hormones, you will be affected. Find yourself crying at cartoons? Laughing at horror movies? Yep- it definitely looks like the pregnancy hormones have hit.  Here are some signs that you know your pregnancy hormones have kicked in, from funny food combos to balling your eyes out.

1) You can’t stop eating. Your hormones are sending you into a world of weird and new sensations with a different sense of taste and smell. Pickled onions? Marmite on doughnuts? Your cravings may be strange but they may be nutritionally based, for instance a desire for a packet of salty crisps may indicate a need for more sodium as blood volume and tissues increase.

2) It’s not just tastes that change when you become pregnant, but your sense of smell too. With a strong sense of smell, many develop an aversion to strong odours. So, don’t be surprised if you end up chucking that perfume you once loved in the bin!

3)  Keep falling asleep on the way home from work? During early pregnancy when the levels of the hormone progesterone increase, you’ll feel exhausted.

4) Pregnancy may leave you feeling delighted, anxious and exhausted- sometimes all at once! You might also experience misgivings and bouts of weepiness. Your hormones might also lead to moments of frustration and irritability.

5) The bathroom will become your favourite room in the house once you’re pregnant. You might find that your sleep is disturbed by having to wake up in the middle of the night and dashing to the loo, and by the time your back in bed you need to go again!

6) Due to hormonal changes and increased blood supply you’re likely to feel a lot warmer than normal. Anywhere, anytime and anyplace you’ll want to wear a pair of shorts!

7) Changes in your hormones can also affect your skin. Some may experience the pregnancy glow, while other women may experience stretch marks to acne to darkening of the skin.

8) You wake up in the night due to a number of reasons; feeling anxious about the baby, unable to get into a comfortable sleeping position, needing to go to the toilet- the list is endless!

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