Spice Up Your Baby Food

ss_RU224350Worried that your baby’s food is too bland? Introducing new flavours and spicing things up early on is a great way to offer your little one a varied diet.  You’ll also find that adding some new interesting tastes goes a long way towards cultivating an adventurous little eater later on. Here are some tasty meal ideas that are packed with flavour.

• Minty peas with yoghurt
This dish is deliciously fresh and can be whipped up in minutes. Using frozen peas means that your little one can enjoy this scrumptious pastel puree any time of the year.

• Pears with thyme
If you want to put a twist on the traditional cinnamon pear puree, try roasting the fruit with thyme to give it a fresh, unique taste.

• Moroccan chickpeas and carrots
To develop your little one’s palate, use traditional mellow, sweet spices used in Moroccan dishes. For a quick and tasty recipe, use carrots, yams, chickpeas with a pinch of coriander, cinnamon and cumin and a few scrapings of lemon zest. Bring everything to the boil, reduce to a simmer then mash to your desired texture.

• White beans with herbs
Your baby will absolutely love this one- its texture is silky smooth and it’s full of flavour. Blend together some cannelloni beans, onion, fresh parsley and a tiny bit of garlic until you get a buttery, delicious smooth paste. Toddlers can also use it as a dip with soft pieces of vegetables or spread on crackers.

• Green beans Italian style
Blend fresh basil and aromatic garlic with green beans to lift the ordinary vegetable to a new level. Make an extra batch of this vibrant green puree so you can use in pasta or alongside your Sunday roast.

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