Summer Pregnancy Survival Tips

Pregnancy_During_Hot_Summer_TipsThe hot weather and humidity can be uncomfortable and overwhelming, especially when you’re pregnant. It’s easier than you think to stay cool and comfortable during long hot summer days. Don’t let the heat stop you from making the most of summer- follow these tips to help you cool down.

  • 1) Run some cold water over the inside of your wrist. This part of your body radiates a lot of heat and running cool water over it lowers the temperature of the blood running through your veins.
  • 2)  Ice lollies are the perfect way to cool down. Blend up some seasonal fruits with a dash of yoghurt for an ultra-creamy, delicious icy snack.
  • 3)  As well as drinking plenty of fluids, it’s important to eat foods with a high concentration of water such as watermelon. Try and increase the amount of green veg you eat. It digests quickly which cools you down.
  •  4) If you simply cannot avoid venturing out into the summer heat, keep a small, hand held fan in your bag.
  • 5) The right clothing can make a he difference. Avoid tight fitting clothes- loose, light clothing with natural fabrics is ideal.
  •  6) A refreshing face spray is a treat for your face, and a must have summer essential. Make your own by combining three heaped teaspoons of fresh mint and 85ml of mineral water. Shake it well and use within two days.
  • 7) Having problems getting to sleep in the heat? Put your sheets and pillowcases in a plastic bag then pop into the freezer for a few minutes, then take out and put back on your bed. You’ll fall asleep instantly!
  • 8) Keep your moisturisers in the fridge for soothing relief when you moisturise before bed.
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