We’re talking about THAT magazine cover…

kim kardashian

It would be weird if we didn’t discuss one of the most provocative magazine covers of the 00’s, so here we go! Kim Kardashian’s Paper Magazine cover shoot left really, really…really little to the imagination. The shots picture a completely oiled up Mrs West, naked as she strips off a sequined black gown, with her inarguably large derriere in full view.


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In one light, the fashion and art industry revolve around breaking boundaries, and for a celebrity like Kim, the cover presented an opportunity for her to #breaktheinternet – so she took it. However, the turning point is the reality; she is in fact a mum.

People (a majority being mums) have argued that Kim has put publicity ahead of being a mum, while others have seen it as a ‘you go girl!’ moment. Should it be something fellow mums cheer on, promote and support or something they should be condemning? After all, it isn’t exactly an image that promotes a natural post-baby body type, so how can women relate, empathise and even support the stunt?

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