Top 10 Pregnancy Superfoods

During your pregnancy, you are probably thinking about what types of food that you can eat. Your body should be nourished and revitalised from the food that you put into your body. Here are the top 10 pregnancy superfoods that you need to stock up on today:

1)      Broccoli

This vegetable brings up a lot of childhood memories for many mothers and now you probably know why your mum used to give it to you. It is jam-packed with goodies like calcium, fibre and potassium.

2)      Eggs

These are the ideal sources of protein because they are full of amino acids. Think about trying omelettes and crepes that have eggs in them. Eggs should definitely be part of your diet when you are pregnant.

3)      Beef

Always go for leaner cuts of beef if you are trying to include this into your diet. It is a superfood because it is full of choline, a compound that helps your baby’s brain to develop.

4)      Potatoes

As a part of the carbohydrate family, you should definitely have servings of carbs like potatoes in your pregnancy diet. Its’ qualification as a superfood lies in its ability to recharge your batteries by giving your energy to go through the day.

5)      Blueberries & Blackberries

From blueberries to blackberries, these fruits should be some of your best friends during your pregnancy. Did you know that berries are packed with phytonutrients? These are critical to help protect you against disease. Phytonutrients occur naturally in berries.

6)      Bananas

This yellow fruit is one of the most popular types of fitness foods for expecting mums. It is abundant in potassium which helps maintain a healthy amount of fluid in your body. Bananas are also good sources of energy.

7)      Milk & Dairy

We all know the strengths of calcium – this compound literally aids in the development of strong and healthy bones for your baby. This is why you should have low-fat servings of dairy each day to help your baby.

8)      Whole Grain

As a healthy alternative to processed white carbs, whole grains are ideal for pregnant women because of the amounts of zinc and B vitamins that they have. If you are used to eating white bread instead of wholegrain bread, initially this can be an adjustment to make. However, once you take the step into whole grain, you will never look back.

9)      Yoghurt

If you are passionate about calcium and your baby receiving enough of it, yoghurt is the superfood that you need to look into. Research suggests that plain yoghurt actually has more calcium in it compared to milk.

10)  Tofu

This is popular with vegetarians but did you know that it is full of vitamin K? This vitamin is important because it aids in encouraging healthy blood clotting which is vital for after giving birth.

The superfood movement is one of the fastest rising trends in healthy eating and fitness. Pregnant women should definitely consider adding as many superfoods into their diet as possible for healthy pregnancies.

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