Top Baby Bath Time Tips

Using a standard bath means you have to bend over and lean awkwardly which gives you less control, so it makes sense to use a baby bath or a bath station when your baby is small, which opens at the top to reveal a baby bath.

It is a good idea to assemble all the equipment you need in advance and make sure the water is at the correct temperature for your baby, 38 degrees centigrade is ideal as this helps babies retain their body heat.

For new born babies up to the age of about 6 months, only fill the bath with approximately 5 inches of water, or enough to cover your baby’s shoulders. For older children, never fill the bath above waist height when they are sitting.

Once your baby is in the bath, ensure his head and neck is well supported. Use soap sparingly as you wash him with your hand or a flannel or sponge from top to bottom, front to back. Use moistened cotton wool to clean his eyes and face. Rinse thoroughly with a clean flannel.

After the bath, wrap baby in a towel and pat dry. If his skin is dry, or if he has nappy rash you can apply a mild moisturising lotion.

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