Top Beach Tips For Your Summer With Your Little Ones

Top brand Brother Max asked their FaceBook followers for their top tips for the beach, so we thought we would share them for you…..

My top tip would be keep little ones in the shade, hat on, plenty of fluids and tons of sun lotion

Never forget to put sunscreen on, even when it seems like it is not very sunny

Plenty of fluids and sun cream are both number 1. For babies loose baggy clothing or UV suit

Make sure sunscreen gets topped up on a regular basis

My top tip is a wet bag for all you wet bits. Spare socks (sandy feet) and lots of towels

Pour some vinegar in a spray bottle and pack in your beach bag. There are lots of jellyfish around and if your little one gets stung spray some vinegar to relieve the sting.

Take lots of drinks with you, often beech side shops are high priced, Let children get sandy, take old clothes, swimwear etc. so they can be free to explore play and make mess without you worrying about their clothes! Keep a bag that seals up with you to protect cameras and sunglasses (and lunches!) from sand as it gets in everywhere

Always keep babies as covered as possible, thin cotton clothes

Don’t let the kids go out of site it only takes a minute in the water

Take a couple of large bottles of water, as the salt water does tend to make the children’s skin itchy, I use the water to rinse them off sand and sea water. Happy children = happy parents!

Take all of your food in throw away bags and containers so when eaten/drunk they can just be thrown away so you have less to carry because we all know who always gets stuck with the prams and all the bags don’t we mums ha-ha!

Pushchairs are a nightmare to take on sand as its hard to push them, so put the wheels on lock and pull the pushchair behind you as it’s so much easier, also take some kind of shade to put over your little ones during the hottest time, 11am – 3pm. Top up lotion often and make you sure you apply it at least 30 minutes before going out in the sun. Take buckets , spades, water, a ball and then let them have fun.

Aside from protecting from the sun/hats, drinks etc. take a tub of talcum powder. Once those sandy feet have been washed and towel dried it helps stop the residual sand sticking. Happy feet :-)

Take a little life beach shelter :)

‎100% cotton clothes, good sun screen, chilled fruit and loads of water :)

Sun cream and a sun tent are a must and plenty of fluids!! And always remember where there’s a shadow even when overcast you can still get burnt! And of course a BUCKET & SPADE!

Once the little ones have grown out of needing muslin squares constantly still hang onto them for beach trips as they are perfect for wiping sticky sand off in seconds!

Wear sun suit instead of bikini/trunks, swim shoes or flip-flops to protect feet from stones, shells, hot sand and the sun. Use a timer to know when to top up sun cream and always take spare clothes inc t-shirt so not to burn your shoulders, stock up on bottled water in supermarket and put in cool Use umbrella/towels/blanket/sarong etc.. For shade take pegs to clip things too and put a pillow case over baby’s legs to protect from sun where the shade doesn’t reach to prevent burnt feet/toes, it’s cool and thin can even be wet and rung out to keep cooler :)

Spare set of clothes and plenty of towels and don’t forget some money for an ice cream :)

Try not to worry about little ones eating sand- it doesn’t bother them so don’t let it bother you

Take a little blow up paddling pool for little ones that want to play in the water but are wary of the sea :-)

I am always prepared with our little ones, plenty of sun block, towels, costumes plenty of fruit and drink and 1 tub of talcum powder works wonders to dry up and clear the sand from there delicate parts, never go to the beach without it.

Especially for babies and toddlers take talc powder so as not to hurt rubbing the sand off….it’s great

Of course, water, long sleeved, light clothing just to cover up if needed, sun block/cream, cool box and copious amounts of change for ice-cream on demand for all

Buy some cheap shoes for LO to wear whilst in the sea as you never know what is lurking beneath the water (Spiky Sea urchins for instance!)

Obviously make sure little ones wear hats and have plenty of sun cream on, also pack plenty of food and drinks so if you find a good spot on the beach, you don’t have to abandon it to search for refreshments and as well as the usual bucket and spade, take nets, sieves and rakes to play with and extra towels for when the first lot get wet and sandy!

My top tip is to take some wet wipes to clean hands before eating. Don’t want sand in your sandwiches now.

Just remember a bottle of water to keeps everyone refreshed in the hot sun

Keep little one under covered between 12-2pm or with plenty of UVF on

Lots of sun cream, bucket/spade large towel, snacks something warm to put on as you leave and somewhere shelter for that nap :)

Don’t want to 4get a spade and bucket to build a sand castle with the family but always take wipes and maybe a small towel just to dust away the sand but can also act like a blanket to place your food on so no sand in the food

Bucket, spade, lots of things to keep the kids occupied, and fingers crossed for a lovely blue cloudless sky with some sun in it :)

A little watering can… fun to play with and you can wash little fingers free of sand for their picnic! What a great beach shelter… would be perfect for our camping beach holiday!! X

Take waterproof beach shoes so the kids can go in the sea without fear of standing on sharp rocks or even jellyfish!

Always take a spare pair of clothes in case you get soaked when paddling in the sea by a larger wave

Sun cream, water and baby wipes

We always make sure we sit in front of something that is really visible so if the children do lose sight of us they always know roughly where we are.

Enough change for a yummy 99 with flake, strawberry sauce and sprinkles each!! 😀 There’s nothing like walking along the beach with an ice-cream!

Always keep your eye on little ones x

Take a beach tent…. perfect for little ones with sensitive skins

If you have a material freezer bag, pop it into the freezer the night before any bottles of water (with a small amount tipped out so the bottle doesn’t split while freezing) and also put in a pack of baby wipes too. This will keep your drinks and food chilled for longer and the wet wipes stay cold for some time, letting you get a nice cold refreshing wipe throughout the day

Always try to sit by some sort of landmark, or feature, so if the children do wander off, then they know what to look 4 when trying to find way bk. but 4 the little ones, i always put the disposable waterproof wrist bands on them with my phone number ;o)

Lots of water to drink, lightweight clothes to cover up under the hot midday sun, a bucket & spade for making those fab sandcastles and ideally a sunshade :o)

Always take plenty of towels and blankets, and never let your little one loose in the picnic hamper!

If they’re still in nappies, use a swim nappy rather than a normal nappy, make sure you have a clean dry towel & a spare change of clothes for your little one, even if it’s just a poncho or dressing gown to throw over them… and do not forget sun cream :)

My top tip is to dress everyone in light easy to take off clothes. So if they get wet they can dry in the sun and you won’t have the arguments to get them back on. Also don’t take a buggy, use a sling or carrier.

Where I live the beach is more like a cobbled street than a sand beach, so beach shoes must be seen or you will likely scream

I take lots of water to keep them hide rated and sun cream hats and loose clothing we take buckets spades and have a picnic

Make sure you park close to the beach so you can make a quick dash to the car when it’s raining!

Lots of sun cream, a hat and treats to keep them happy and hydrated 😉

There are lots of important things but an important one of mine is the camera. Lots of precious moments to be caught on days like these at the beach xx

Sun cream, hat, water, and a camera to take lots of pics of everyone having fun :)

Large Parasol, lots of sunscreen and cool drinks x

My top tip is to take plenty of water. You will need some to rehydrate all in the warm sun plus extra to wash the sand off delicate feet (there’s nothing worse than sand in your shoes!). And of course don’t forget the sun cream!

Scarlett gets travel sick so I always dress her in just a vest in the car and when we get there I strip her then put sun cream all over her body even though she wears clothes on the beach I like to make sure she won’t get burnt at all, the way I look at it is if she gets burnt then it is my fault in failing to protect her correctly

Put bright coloured caps on them so it’s easy to keep an eye on them and easy to spot plus it will keep the sun of their heads :) x

It would be to use one of these pop up shades. Good play room and area to sleep. Our daughter loved it. Mines a little tired after our last holiday so this would be great please :-) Oh and lots of time in the pool to cool down. In think body suit and peaked hat that covers ears as only 13 months old :-)

My top tip is to stop tears at the end of a hot, sandy day! Cover your little one’s body with talc and then brush gently to get rid of all that pesky sand!

Lots and lots of sun cream to protect the gentle skin

Top tip is to ensure that the children keep their head covered so that they don’t get sunstroke, and if they are not a fan of wearing hats use elasticised bandanas we did this with my daughter and she kept it on all day on the beach :-)

Use lots of sunscreen, hats, bottled water and snacks!

Make them a little identity tag to attach to their clothing with your name and mobile number in case they wander off.

Put sun cream and swim wear on before you get to the beach as sandy sun cream application is never as good!

Having a wet bag for all our wet stuff nothing worse than finding soggy swimsuit! Lol

Take a photo on your mobile phone that morning of the clothing your children are in – just in case they go missing – that way you will have a photo to show people & police (god forbid) but you never know!

Do not forget the beach toys..Buckets, spades, ball games, diggers and anything that keeps them happy xxx

I always make sure I have plenty if juice for Sophie as I’d hate her to get dehydrated & I also take a large bottle of water which I keep in the car to rinse myself & Sophie & also our shoes so there isn’t sand everywhere.

A bottle of factor 50 sun cream for both little one and big one. Don’t want either of them morph into lobsters. And plenty of cold drinks in the cool bag

I always make sure i apply lots of sun cream and keep arms and legs covered when possible, put a hat on them, if my son goes in the sea, rather than put him in trunks, he wears one of those all in one swim suits so more of him covered

I take talc it’s excellent for getting sand off skin

Make sure you have something to keep them out of direct sunlight eg a tent, parasol or find shade! With toddler it’s the sunbeam, hat and swim suit always! We also use jelly shoes for paddling in the sea so toddler doesn’t lose her footing and fall under the water. Biggest thing is that beaches are busy places, put yourself near a land mark, eg ice cream shop or better still life guard station, and explain to your toddler where to go to get help of she loses you. Better still have a key ring, toy, sticker with your mobile number on it with the toddler, then all they have to do is point! The amount of times I’ve seen kids lost in the beach. Scary.

My top tip would b to take a bright coloured sun tent and pitch it between the lifeguard flags to safe from the sun and safe in the sea. Easy to spot when u pop for an ice-cream!!!

Balls, games sandwiches beer burgers make it a real good camp lol x

Plenty of water and lots of sun cream

Such great tips so far. My tip is to take a bottle of tap water to keep in the car so you can wash that pesky sand from little feet. Towels never seem to get all the grains. Plus if you leave it in the car the water will warm up during the day so it is not too cold for them. Oh and always do a little scout of your immediate area to check for any little bits that might get into mouths!

Always put sunscreen on before putting the kids in the sun so it has time to soak in. Hats with velcro straps under the chin for younger toddlers who hate wearing hats!! All in one UV protection swimwear with legs and sleeves to protect their precious skin from the harms of the sun. Have fun….

Always carry a little container of liquid soap for when public loos have run out of soap. Combined with an old plastic milk bottle filled with water can mean that you can wash hands on the beach before tucking into your picnic. It is SO important for little ones to be reminded of good hygiene even when on the beach (and hand-gel not so effective at the seaside as it doesn’t get rid of the sandy bits) x

Something to eat, something to drink, something to sleep on, sun block, shoes for the water and their LittleLife backpack with Peppa Pig In!

My top tip is to take some change so you can buy ice cream and donkey rides – nothing worse than getting there, getting all set up on the sand then realising you have no cash and having to trek miles to the nearest cash point like we did last year!!

Plenty of food and drink, towels buckets and spades, change of clothes, sun cream! Sun hats x

We live close to the beach and spend lots of time on there, I always make sure the children are wearing sun protective full swimwear / waterproof suits, sun protective cream applied as per instructions, sunglasses are a must, protects from sun and sand getting into little eyes. Also remember to have buckets of fun, they have so much freedom on the beach and can write in the sand, search for unusual stones, the list is endless, it’s our favourite place x A shelter would be brilliant to help protect from the harmful rays and keep us all a bit cooler x

Baby powder really works well to dust off sand from their delicate skin before heading home.

My top tip is to take a bottle of tap water and an extra bucket to wash off sandy hands

Take plenty of baby wipes sun cream and loads of ice cold drinks, make sure the baby is kept in the shade

Relax! I was so nervous on the beach with my lo he’s 14 months old but with his bucket and spade and a few extra sand toys a bucket of water and clothes I didn’t mind him getting wet and dirty in he had a ball! He was eating sand but I didn’t panic just had plenty of water on hand to rinse his mouth and he soon realised it was more fun to play in than it was to eat :) obviously the essentials come as standard sun cream hats sunglasses towels picnic etc but it’s never fun is mummy isn’t willing to enjoy it with them! X

Always remember to bring things like extra clothes, snacks, bottled waters, drinks, cooler, camera and anything else that will make your trip to the beach easier and keep you from having to run back and forth to your hotel room or nearby shop.

I would say a spare pair of shoes is essential for all the family, we live by the seaside and go to the beach regularly there is nothing more horrible than walking home with sand filled shoes

If you’re trying to keep the kids drinks cool dig a pit in the sand, it’s always cold when you get to the damp stuff :) x

Go with a group, more eyes on little one means more freedom and more fun!

Take one of those pop up play tents so when the little ones get too hot they can go in there to play and keep cool, also take a bottle of water to rinse the sand off your feet before putting their shoes back on, saves rubbing all the dry sand off..ouch

Buy a personalised wristband with baby name mums/dads name & telephone number. X

Put the kids sunscreen on before you hit the beach as it dries in and the kids can play rather than doing it when you get there and the kids are trying to get away from you :) x

Keep them topped up with cream, cover them in a t-shirt & where possible spf50+ clothing/towels to protect their delicate skin from many harmful rays. Take bottle of water to rinse off your feet so when you put shoes back on they don’t rub. Also don’t forget the sun hats

Get matching hats if you have a few like me, means you can spot them easily , 6 kids means i need to quickly head count :) x

Take LOTS & LOTS of towels, as if everyone else’s kids are like mine they will want to be out of the sea because they are cold but 15 minutes later after a dry up and a snack they will want to be back in again! :o) All good fun :o) x

Take LOTS & LOTS of towels, as if everyone else’s kids are like mine they will want to be out of the sea because they are cold but 15 minutes later after a dry up and a snack they will want to be back in again! :o) All good fun :o) x

Take lots of energy with you – you’ll need it! And of course cream, hats, buckets, spades, spare clothes, towels, sun glasses (important for little eyes too!) snacks, lots of drinks, money for ice cream, balls etc, warm clothes for when it cools down, spare clothes, more spare clothes, bags for rubbish – and don’t forget the kitchen sink! :) Put cream on before you hit the beach – it needs about 15 mins to soak in properly.

Lots and lots of drinks, spare clothes, loads of towels and sun team reapplied every couple of hours!!

Lots of sun cream, hats, cold drinks and most importantly have fun!!

Sometimes the simplest tips are the best. You don’t need a car full of stuff to go to the beach. Go early and take a bucket and spade and find a shady spot. Use a big dollop of imagination and your LO will be entertained all day. Hours and hours and hours of good hearty fun.

Sun cream, water, hats and camera to take lots of pictures of everyone having fun !!

Don’t just sit there chase the waves lol

A sun suit for babies and a shelter. A picnic in a cool bag with lots of drinks, a bucket and spade and a beach ball is a must have! And a magnifying glass for the kids to look at all the shells and other bits in the sand. X

Lots of sun cream drinks and snacks, then when tide comes in go up to beach hut for hotdogs x

A big bottle of water so you can wash little handies b4 they have their picnic!

Always make sure your children are told a place to go if they get lost. We always go to the ‘lost spot’ so they know exactly where it is and how to get to it. Over the years it has been a God send for those split moments when you lose each other!

Pack a beach survival pack. Amongst the sun creams, snacks etc, an eye bath is handy for any sand in eye related incidents and a antiseptic spray for any stings or rock scrapes, and don’t forget change for ice lollies!! :)

The night before, make up bottles of diluting juice and freeze them. Take them out and pop them in cool bag before you leave in morning. Not only does it keep your juice cold but keeps cool bag contents chilled :)

oooh bath toys too. very much in need of those as the old ones went mouldy when the boys grew out of them so baby has none at the mo! another beach tip: proper wetsuits (the shortie ones for kids) have proved to be worth their weight in gold for our kids. Not only do they keep them protected better from the sun but also keep them warm in the cold sea water…let’s face it, even on the hottest days here in the UK, the sea stay pretty chilly for little ones. So we have been able to stay at the beach all day and really enjoy it. x

Take talcum powder to sprinkle on their feet when you leave the beach, the sand just falls off :-)

If you have a baby in a sling/ carrier (much easier than a pram on a beach) thread a muslin or shawl through the carrier to drape down over babies limbs. Don’t want any sunburn on those cute arms and legs poking out! x

Plenty of sun cream, drinks and shade.

Talc! Scatter it over the kids to dry the skin and help get all the sand off before you get them in the car

Old socks if it’s a pebbly beach to stop scratched feet and old rags with citronella oil on to put near where u sit to deter bugs

Talc easily gets rid of pesky sand with no stickiness or tears at the end of the day! Works on my three boys from 8 to 11 months!

There is a fascination among children and adults alike when it comes to finding seashells. Often, in the shallow waters of the beach in which your children play there are only tiny shells or shell fragments. Make your child’s vacation by spending a couple of dollars at the gift shop and “planting” large, pretty shells along the shoreline where your child can find them. Think of it as an Easter egg hunt on the beach, let the kid enjoy being a kid and experience the thrill of finding their own shells.

Take a change of clothes for the children. A pram with air tyres that can be adjusted to go on two wheels only works really well in the sand.

Sun screen before you go stops the sand sticking to it, pack your bucket and spade, plenty of towels and a change of clothes. Money for ice creams and donkey rides!

A sarong in the bottom of the bag. Takes up no space and makes for a great blanket, towel, sunshade, cover. It dries really quickly, sand is easily shaken off and they are cheap!

Talcum powder is a must at the beach to remove sand and doesn’t hurt your little ones xx

If your little ones have long hair, plait it with conditioner and when you come back, no tangled damaged hair :) x

Factor 50 and plenty of bottled water for drinking and rinsing off wayward sand

Get a mini blow up boat and fill will water to keep little one cool and paddling safe near you

Relax! On holiday I was so uptight about sand getting everywhere. My 1 yo eating it. Getting in up her nose/in her ears. As soon as I relaxed she had great fun running digging tasting etc with the sand and I loved watching her discover and develop :)

Always take spare clothes for the kids!

Baby wipes for sticky fingers after ice cream/snacks and removing sand, also factor 50 kids sun cream to protect skin. X

Never eat sandwiches on the beach at West Wittering unless you like the crunch of sand in them rather than lettuce! Windy or what!

Bring a Frisbee, always fun for the beach!

Pack vinegar or meat tenderizer in case of jelly fish stings, A spray of vinegar will help relieve the sting. Meat tenderizer also helps relieve the sting and swelling, may not sound the most attractive thing but IT WORKS! you don’t want to see your little one in pain :)

Take food bags and fill with sand to use as weights for holding your stuff down on a windy day if it’s a rock free beach….. But don’t forget to take the rubbish with you when you leave …. Have fun on you beaches everyone and stay safe xxx

Lots of water, factor 50+ sun cream, sun hats to protect heads, sun shades in the car as the likely hood is its going to be hot if you’re going to the beach so dun shades will keep the dun off little ones until they get to the beach. Extra water for washing sand off your feet, and most off all RELAX and have FUN it is the beach after all :) xx

Freeze your bottles of juice/water, pop them in your picnic container, keeps food cool and makes a nice slush puppy as it melts, refreshing.

A small pop up tent allows the little one to have a sleep at the beach without worrying that they are completely under the sunshade and keeps them cool, then they wake up fresh and ready for more beach play :)

Put on the sunscreen before getting to the beach…there is nothing worse than grappling with a wriggling child who is desperate to run to the water and play.

Always take a bottle of water and apply plenty of sun protection cream 20 min before we get there

Don’t push your little one’s pram or buggy at the beach is blooming impossible!! drag it backwards!! works a treat and handy store everything u need under it and on the handles!!

Have something safe and secure to keep your belongings in while you swim

Take your own buckets spades, ball s, kites and beach games with you much cheaper than buying them there where everything costs twice as much x

Tip 1 – Watch out for Seagulls
Tip 2 – Don’t forget your Brother Max drinks cooler, pop it in the freezer before you go & you’ll have a nice chilled drink on the beach
Tip 3 – Most important… Have Fun !

Relax and have a good time, don’t plan for anything just relax and let the day go how it goes

4 beach necessities are…Slip, slap, slop, slurp! Slip on some clothing that protects young skin from harmful rays. Slap on a hat. Slop on the high factor sun cream on all exposed areas, and make sure they slurp away at their water to prevent dehydration. Never ever take your eyes of your precious little ones as they move faster than lightening. Bring a bag big enough to fit all your essentials in, so that way there’s less to carry which frees up hands to hold onto toddlers when arriving/leaving the beach (or a free arm to carry them if the sand is hot). If you’re on a British touristy beach make sure you bring hand gel/anti-bacterial wipes as the chances are your mini explorer will find something yucky (particularly just before lunch) lol. If you need a pram, bring a lightweight fold up stroller as full size buggies are too heavy to carry and the wheels will get stuck in the sand. Collect shells and other beachy finds to bring home, then on a rainy day you can make sea themed pictures with your little ones and reminisce the fun times you had :) x

We always tie a mini kite to our windbreaker so when we go off for a walk we can always find our way back to our space as it always manages to stay up …. X

First aid kit for cuts from rocks or nasty things in sand and also an eye bath for wayward sand particles in eyes! And a bag for your rubbish!

Always bring your travel potty, wipes or toilet roll and nappy bags as you can be sure your little one will need to go at the most inappropriate place where there are no toilets to be seen!

Give your toddler £5 to put in their pocket and if they want a donkey ride or an ice-cream they can pay themselves that way when the money is all gone they have got what they wanted and no more pestering.

Take a bottle of water with you to wash yourself down at the end of the day – nothing worse than sand everywhere!

I recommend getting little shorty wetsuits for toddlers to wear on the beach – keeps them warm when they’re playing in rock pools – especially in the UK when it’s often a bit breezy!

Pack a Small First Aid Kit you’d be surprised what mishaps can happen on the beach insect bites, burns, sprains

Take along some favourite soothing toys that the sand can’t damage

Bring a supply of baby wipes for the kids eyes

Plenty of factor 50 and a sun hat and then just get the buckets and spades out play and have fun xx

1: Accept that sand will get everywhere – children don’t need frustrated parents on a fun day out. 2: We only visit the beach in the morning and/or late afternoon with a shelter of some description; these times of day are much more enjoyable for all involved! 3: Apart from the sun cream, first aid kit and the water of course, equipment for investigating – we always like to check out the rock pools or take a walk out into the shallower parts of the sea estuary to hunt for ‘things’! Appropriate beach shoes, a net and a bucket will last for hours, year on year…

Plenty of toys, drinks, food and sun cream and find a nice spot with some shade in case kids and a wee nap xxx

Lots of sunscreen, bottled water, snacks, beach toys and an umbrella.

My top tip is take a sun shelter for the babies, sun cream, toys for both babies and older children and plenty of food and drink. But most importantly have fun, fun and more fun with the kids. For the older children its fun days like that that they’ll remember for years to come!!! Xx

My tip is don’t wait for the summer to enjoy the beach, it is beautiful at any time of the year and if you venture down there between November and March you might be lucky enough to see some seal pups. We have a colony on the beach where we live and they are beautiful.

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