Top Tips for Using Baby Carriers

Top Tips for Using Carriers

Head support – Infants who can’t support their head should face inward and need a sturdy support flap on the back of the baby carrier.

Leg Opening – Openings should be large enough to let baby’s legs kick freely but snug enough that your baby can’t slump downward or to one side.

Maximum Weight Allowance – Check what weight each model goes up to and choose what will suit your needs best. Many models allow older babies to face outward once they can hold their head up.

Babies Temperature – Make sure your baby does not get too hot. Check her tummy and back every so often for sweat. If she is too hot, take her out to cool down and adjust her clothing accordingly.

Your Comfort – Make sure you read the manufacturers guidelines carefully. It is not only important to ensure your baby is comfortable, but also important for you to make sure you have adjusted the carrier properly to ensure the baby’s weight is distributed properly.

Baby Comfort – If your baby’s limbs are pale or mottled she could be in an uncomfortable position. If she is not happy, reposition her.

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