Tricks to Help Your Teething Baby

baby-teethingThe journey to a mouth filled with gleaming pearly whites from a cute gummy grin is not always an easy one.  When your little one sprouts his first teeth he might not experience any problems at all, but it could also be a painful process.  Here are a few ideas to help alleviate any discomfort he may be experiencing.

1)      Massage his gums

The pressure of a new tooth pushing up through the gum can be painful. Gently rub your clean finger along your baby’s gums to help relieve the pressure and also improve circulation of blood in the gums. You can also try using clove oil on your finger as it has  a numbing effect on the gums but be careful not to use too much or it can give your little one a stomach upset.

2)      Use vanilla extract

Yes, that’s right, it’s not only good for cakes but will work wonders on your baby’s sensitive gums too!  Vanilla is a great soothing agent; it will reduce anxiety and will leave your little one feeling calm and comforted.

3)      Frozen flannel

Something cold to chew on is just what your teething baby needs. Try putting a wet flannel in the freezer and letting him chew on it. It will normally stay cold for quite a while before you have to replace it.

4)      Frozen bottle

Fill your baby’s bottle up with water then place in the fridge upside down. Once the water has frozen to the nipple, give to your baby to suck on to relieve their sore gums.

5)      Use some exciting teethers

Get equipped with some drool ready teething toys.  Choose from rattles, colourful massaging teethers, water filled teethers  or interactive teether toys. Not only are they perfect for him to gnaw on, but will provide tons of learning benefits too.

6)      Camomile tea

If you’re looking for a natural way to help your little one, camomile tea is perfectly safe and will work great for your baby if he’s feeling stressed. Just seep tea for a few minutes then once it has cooled down to room temperature put a couple of ounces in his bottle.

7)      Try a dummy

Although some babies find sucking painful when they’re teething (blood rushes to swollen areas making them even more painful), chewing on a soft teat may help your baby to soothe himself.

8)      Cuddles!

Don’t underestimate the power of cuddles! Pay your little one some extra attention and shower him with affection- that’s sure to make him feel better.

9)      Frozen food

Cold items are great for soothing irritated gums, but if your baby isn’t old enough to chew on big chunks of solids, use a baby fruit feeder. Fill it with frozen fruit so he can enjoy delicious tastes whilst reducing pain from his gums. We love this Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder– it allows your baby to enjoy yummy tastes without the choking risk.

10)   Start brushing

Even if your little one isn’t showing any teeth yet, a soft little toothbrush can work wonderfully when he’s teething. The bristles provide a great surface to bite on and it’ll get him into the routine of cleaning his teeth when they do actually come through.



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