Glass Bottles Re-Vamped: Fashionable AND Practical.

The older generation are fond of reminiscing about how things used to be different in their day. So if you decide to buy glass feeding bottles for your baby, you’re bound to get comments about how some trends take a retro turn.

It’s good to know that the glass feeding bottles used by mothers in the 1950s have been improved significantly. For starters, modern baby bottles are made of toughened glass so they’re considerably harder to break and therefore much safer for babies and for mums too. Ergonomic shapes, a whole range of teats, and some fantastic designs are all great improvements on what themambottle older generation will have been used to.

One benefit of glass feeding bottles hasn’t changed – they’re really easy to clean. Our grandparents will have simply boiled their bottles in a large pan; this is still an option although conveniently these days we also benefit from dishwashers on high temperature settings and sterilizers to get rid of bugs. Glass bottles can be used in the microwave too.

It’s worth mentioning the chemicals issue regarding plastic bottles. Thankfully all modern plastic bottles no longer contain potentially harmful BPA (and haven’t done for many years) but if you are still keen to minimise the impact you and your baby make on the environment, choosing glass bottles make sense. As well as being entirely free of all chemicals, glass bottles can also be recycled at the end of their useful life which is good news.

Which glass bottle will you choose for your baby?


pro_7852_orgThe Feel Good Glass Bottle from MAM is an award-winner and comes in different sizes and colour-ways. Take a look at the MAM 260ml Bottle, which can also be used with the unique MAM silk teat.

If you’re thinking of making the move from breast to bottle, NUK glass bottles are worth considering. They feature a specially designed orthodontic teat and a wider lip which gives baby a similar experience to breastfeeding. The smaller sized 120ml NUK Glass Bottle with Latex Teat is perfect for very young babies.

Glass bottle designs are stylish too so you don’t need to worry about looking old-fashioned. Check out the Beaba Pastel Glass Star Design 110ml and 250ml bottles from fashionably cool European brand, Beaba. These are compatible with a variety of teats and are just one of their gorgeous designs.

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