Why Use a Baby Gym?

Why Use a Baby Gym?As baby enters his early development stage he starts to explore with his hands, mouth, eyes and ears and discovers how much fun his world is. He will be excited how his own hands can be, now that they’re no longer clenched in a fist. He can suck his fingers, and use them to grasp a toy that has been placed in his hands and has begun to reach for toys. He soon learns to pass a toy back and forth between his hands and rotate his wrist to inspect it from all sides, usually before popping it into his mouth.

During this stage, parents may wish to buy a baby play mat, also known as an activity gym or play gym. This kind of baby gym is ideal for small babies as it offers them a safe environment for them to play and explore their new world. Usually a toy rack arches overhead from which activity toys hang allowing baby to grab and activate easily. It’s only for a baby who is still horizontal, but it can make life more interesting while he is. Baby can bat at the toys, pull them, spin them, and rattle them. He’ll probably begin to lose interest in his activity centre once he reaches 5 months or so and can push up on his hands and knees.

Play gyms from various brands like Tiny Love, Fisher Price, Bright Starts etc. can vary greatly, offering babies a different and fun environment to play. Look out for different features when making a purchase as some will have sound activated toys and others a pillow to encourage tummy time play. Some activity gyms feature lights and music or a mirror to look into, so it is always worth looking at all the gyms on offer to see which suits you and your babies needs the most.

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