Why Use a Baby Monitor?

A typical baby safety monitor, also known as a baby alarm, is used to remotely listen for noises made by your baby. It offers parents peace of mind when the baby is asleep in a separate room or floor, allowing parents to keep track of any problems while away from the baby.

There are various different types of baby monitors available including analogue audio monitors, digital monitors, sensor monitors and audio/video monitors.

Other features and technologies

  • Baby monitors may incorporate a visible signal as well as repeating the sound. This is often in the form of a set of lights to indicate the noise level, allowing the device to be used when it is inappropriate or impractical for the receiver to play the sound.
  • Other features may include a nursery thermometer and two way communication from nursery to mobile unit. The range of each monitor may vary, so be sure before you buy what range you will need. For example, if you think you will use the monitor when in the garden you may need a monitor with a longer range.
  • Some devices also incorporate movement sensors on the transmitter (commonly in the form of a pressure-sensitive mat placed beneath the child’s mattress) allowing it to warn parents of possibility that the baby has stopped breathing.
  • It is common for the receiver to be small and portable and to use batteries as their source of power allowing it to go with the parent, around the house. The transmitter stays with the infant crib and is usually plugged into a socket.
  • You should also consider possible interference from other devices in your house, or neighboring houses. Most monitors have several channels to choose from, but if interference is an issue then a digital monitor may be the best solution.
  • Designed to give parents extra piece of mind, a video monitor enables parents to watch and listen to their baby. Infra-red Night Vision and brightness control allows parents to monitor their child even in the dark!

All monitor models vary considerably, so it is important you know what your needs will be before deciding which model to buy.

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