The yummiest of mummies: Blake Lively gives birth!

Cradling her bump...Blake Lively 2014

Cradling her bump…Blake Lively 2014

Blake Lively has given birth (prematurely) to her little one with Ryan Reynolds. The fashion baby of the moment in 2014 arrived early, just before the new year; safe to say that’s one heck of a bundle of joy to bring into 2015!

The 27 year old Lively gave birth to a little baby girl at a hospital near to their Bedford NY home and have returned back to be at home, comfy and cosy with their newest addition.

“The baby came early but everyone is happy and healthy,” a sourceĀ told Us Weekly. “The Bedford house is all prepared. They’re going to stay up there for the baby’s first days.”

It’s one of the sweetest things that a couple who have both been so enthusiastic about having a big family in the past, have been blessed with the first of many children (going by BlakesĀ  2014 interview with Marie Claire magazine; “I gotta get started. If I could spit out a litter of kids, I would.”)

Safe to say, we’re all in high anticipation of the cooing and aw-ing to come with images of Ryan and Blake cuddling what will undoubtedly been one of Hollywood’s most beautiful babies.

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