Prince prepares for the birth of royal niece or nephew


harry-nappy_2546524iHe is about to become an uncle for the first time – but William and Kate might not want to let him near their little one quite yet. Excited uncle-to-be Prince Harry has been showing off his nappy changing skills at a recent charity visit.

Asked to tackle the tricky task of changing a baby’s nappy with one hand, Prince Harry didn’t exactly pass the test with flying colours. Fortunately for all concerned Harry was only practicing on a plastic doll – which was probably just as well, considering that grabbing babies by one leg to flip them over on to their front is not normally accepted childcare practice.

No doubt looking for the position of chief babysitter, Harry looks like he is taking his baby-care duties very serious. The Prince, who admitted he had never even changed a nappy with two hands before, was given the challenge when he visited a charity that helps people with brain injuries. Hopefully Prince William can put his nappy changing skills into practice before the royal baby arrives in July. We think Harry could show his brother a trick or two.

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