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The Comfort & Harmony Collection is designed to exceed baby's comfort needs while appealing to mum's sense of style.

Mums love mombo, the nursing pillow with more to love! Mombo has a unique shape and a two-sided design called Firm2Soft, with each side offering a different experience. The firm side gives essential support for mommy and her nursing baby. The soft side is extra cozy - an inviting place for lounging or tummy time.

And mombo is the only nursing pillow with a vibration feature, to give baby the ultimate soothing experience while lounging. Look for mombo's assortment of pillow styles and slipcover fashions.
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The Concept Behind Comfort & Harmony

The Concept Behind Comfort & Harmony

This beautiful nursery brand takes pride in their entrepreneurial spirit and long history of innovation. From the simple idea that started their company to the full line of baby products and gear that they boast today, they’ve been coming up with big ideas for little people for over 40 years. And, most importantly, they’ve put those ideas into motion and into the hands of mums and dads who deserve the very best for their children.

They’re committed to upholding their tradition of pioneering thought and products, always believing there’s a new way to make babies smile just waiting to be invented. And that even timeless favourites can be improved.

They have the opportunity to enhance the daily lives of millions of families around the world and they’re determined to make the most of it. After all, their employees have over 250 kids of their own!