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Bringing a new life into the world is one of the most exciting adventures a person can embark upon, a time of joy, excitement and discovery. It is also, however, a time when parents realise the weight of responsibility they bear towards their offspring and the safety and security that it is their duty to offer. A large part of meeting this challenge lies in choosing the right equipment for your child, whether that's in your own nursery or when you're out and about. The Hauck brand of products offers a guarantee of quality and safety which will help to set any parent's mind at ease. The items they provide include buggy's, strollers, car seats, carry cots and integrated travel systems which combine several different items to form a one stop answer to your transport needs.

All of these items share a commitment to the highest standards in terms of material, design and manufacture, with little touches such as height adjustable handles and spacious storage baskets which show that Hauck see things from a parent's perspective and go out of their way to make life easy for them. That's been our philosophy since the business started in 1927 and it's one we will continue to adhere to as things move forward.

All of these items share a commitment to the highest standards in terms of material, design and manufacture, with little touches such as height adjustable handles and spacious storage baskets which show that Hauck see things from a parent's perspective and go out of their way to make life easy for them. That's been our philosophy since the business started in 1927 and it's one we will continue to adhere to as things move forward.

Of course, nobody cares about your children quite as much as you do, but take a look at the range of Hauck products and you'll realise that they come pretty close. From birth to nursery, Hauck will be by your side every step of the way.

Disney Classic Mickey Condor All In One Travel System

Disney Classic Mickey Condor All In One Travel System

The Hauck Disney Condor is amazing value for money. The all in one version includes the buggy, car seat, carrycot, changing bag, bootcover and raincover.

RRP : £429.99 £377.98 Buy now View All Hauck Travel Systems
Hauck ISOFix Car Seat Base Black

Hauck ISOFix Car Seat Base Black

The Hauck Iso-fix Base ensures safe and easy fitting for peace of mind everytime! The base stays in your car fixed to the Iso-fix connection points. The infant carrier simply clicks In/out as you need it.

RRP : £89.99 £75.58 Buy now View All Hauck Car Seat Fix and Car Seat Protection
Hauck Roadster Duo SL Pushchair Wheel Sand

Hauck Roadster Duo SL Pushchair Wheel Sand

Double double comfort and double fun with the hauck roadster duo SL.

RRP : £289.99 £251.98 Buy now View All Hauck Twin & Multiple Travel

Hauck Product Range

The Hauck product range covers almost every aspect of looking after a baby from new born to toddler, with many items working together and being interchangeable – i.e. car seats which clip into buggy frames for use as stroller seats. In basic terms, the range they offer can be broken down into the following products:

Hauck Prams

New born babies cannot yet sit up and support themselves, and so they need a mode of transport which provides sufficient comfort and security. A pram is perfect in this respect. Not only does your baby get to lie down in a cosy and secure environment, but prams are commonly designed so that your baby faces you, meaning that you get to keep an eye on them at all times, whilst also reassuring your baby that you are there and looking over them. The fact that you can also chat to your baby as you walk around will also enhance your time together. The best way to describe a pram is probably as a carry cot on wheels. The issue to bear in mind when considering whether to purchase a pram is the fact that most prams are quite bulky and difficult to fold flat, meaning they are not overly convenient for bus and car users, as well as generally being at the more expensive end of the price scale.

Hauck Pushchairs

Whilst pushchairs can be used to transport new born babies, they also offer flexibility which means they are suitable for toddlers. The main advantage which a pushchair boasts over a pram is that the seat is adjustable, meaning that toddlers can sit in a reclining position and watch the world go by as you push them around. Pushchair seats generally face away from the parent, and while this represents some loss of intimacy, it does offer more stimulation for an older child. The fact that pushchairs can easily and quickly be folded to a compact size means that they are much more convenient when travelling by car or public transport, and since they usually come with a spacious basket underneath they make it far easier to get your shopping back home again. In terms of price, pushchairs generally tend to be less expensive than prams.

Hauck Buggies or Strollers

Buggies, also known as strollers, are the best mode of transport for toddlers, not least because, as with pushchairs, the seat faces outwards, giving a curious toddler a stimulating view of the world as it goes by. The use of aluminium frames and clever design techniques means that modern buggies are now extremely light. This, allied to the fact that they can easily be folded to a small size, makes them ideal in terms of portability. Anyone using a buggy should be aware of the fact that their lightweight construction means that hanging heavy items such as shopping bags on the handle can render them somewhat unstable and liable to tip over, and also that they are not recommended for very young babies who are still unable to support themselves when sitting up. In price point terms, buggies tend to be cheaper than the other options available.

Hauck Travel System

When purchasing all the different pieces of equipment needed to keep your baby safe and secure, you can often find that the bills mount up and the range of choices available for each separate component become somewhat confusing. That's why travel systems (sometimes referred to as a 2 in 1 or a 3 in 1) combine convenience and value. In basic terms, a travel system consists of a pushchair which can also have either a car seat, carry cot or both attached to the frame. This means that it can be used from the time when your baby is new born, as a pram, up to when they are a curious toddler riding in a buggy. Also, the fact that the car seat attaches to the frame means that travelling by car becomes much more convenient – a baby asleep in the car seat can be quietly attached to the frame, for example, meaning a much more peaceful trip to the shops is more likely. It should be noted, however, that the car seats included in most travel systems are only suitable for babies up to 10kg in weight, and another will have to be replaced as your child grows.

Hauck Twin Pushchairs or Tandem Pushchairs

If you find that you're expecting twins, or have a small toddler with another baby on the way, then it can be tempting to panic when it comes to buying equipment. The answer, however, lies in purchasing either a twin pushchair or a tandem pushchair. The twin pushchair consists of two separate seats joined side by side. The position of each seat can be adjusted independently, and the fact that they are side by side means that your children can interact when out and about – though it also means that a sleeping baby may find themselves being disturbed by a playful sibling.

A tandem pushchair, on the other hand, has two seats, one in front of the other. Whilst this means that a sleeping child will be left undisturbed, tandem pushchairs can be difficult to steer, whist twin pushchairs, due to the extra width, might not be suitable for narrower paths and doorways. The prices for both tend to be similar, whilst naturally being more expensive than that charged for single pushchairs.

The History of Hauck

One of the reassuring factors a parent taps into when purchasing a Hauck product is the fact that it is a brand with a long history and strong track record. It was initially founded in 1927 and has been specialising in quality products for babies and toddlers ever since. Over the years, Hauck's reputation for excellence has resulted in collaborations with several other leading brands. In 1989, they signed a partnership deal with Disney, resulting in products based around iconic motifs such as Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh. Other collaborations include those with Espirit, and I 'coo which, like all of the partnership work Hauck involve themselves with, represent a demonstration of the trust which others place in their quality and the values they embody.

Official recognition of the excellence of Hauck arrived at the first ever Loved By Parents awards in 2011. The Hauck Pooh Doodle Brown Sit n Relax won a silver award for best highchair in the Feeding Category, whilst the Hauck Viper claimed the bronze award for Best Pushchair Design.

In the 2011 Practical Pre School Awards, Hauck triumphed again, with Duett Double Buggy winning a gold prize, whilst the Sit n Relax highchair triumphed again with a silver prize.

Why Choose Hauck?

With the better part of a century behind them, Hauck offers a reputation for excellence, quality and comfort which is all but unmatched in the field. Whether you're looking for a simple lightweight buggy, or a fully integrated five piece travel system, they provide answers which cover the broadest spectrum of budgetary needs and requirements. The way they work is to approach the job of caring for children in the same way that their own parents do, and that's why they realise that the most important things their products can offer are safety and security. Whether you're driving in your car, walking around the shops or feeding your baby at home, you'll know that the seat they're sat in will hold them safely and keep them feeling secure and comfortable. Hauck provide solutions to transport, sleeping and feeding problems, and do so across a huge range of choices.

One of the aspects of the Hauck brand which people truly appreciate is the fact that their products come in a huge range of colours and styles, meaning that various different items can be chosen so as to match both each other and the rest of your nursery equipment.


Why should I go for Hauck travel systems?

Hauck travel systems offer unified solutions to a plethora of transport problems. By coming as a two or three piece set, these systems provide a comprehensive answer to the question of how you're going to be able to get around, shopping and visiting and so on, from the time your baby is born to the point where they graduate from pushchairs altogether. Working as a unified pram, car seat and buggy, the fact that they come in colour co-ordinated, carefully styled fabrics, means that they're every bit as stylish as they are useful.

What is the best product in travel systems to buy if there there are 2 or 3 options? Which criteria should I consider?

The choice of which particular travel system to opt for is dictated by a range of factors. The first of these is the age of the child, or children, in question. If, for example, you have twins or a baby and toddler, then you might wish to go for a twin or tandem buggy. If you have a single new born baby, then the system you go for will have to feature a 'pram' option for a baby too young to sit up unsupported, whereas a system to be used solely by a toddler will probably be more of a stroller or buggy.

Beyond the question of your children, there are choices to be made in terms of things like budget. Luckily, Hauck produce items suited to every pocket. Having worked out which price range you're looking at, you can then decide exactly how you'll be using the system. Do you have a car, and if so will you be requiring a system which features a car seat? If you use public transport a lot, the emphasis may well be on finding a trolley which is lightweight and can be folded quickly. Once you've weighed up these various factors, the range available from Hauck is bound to offer something which matches your needs perfectly.

How can the product range from Hauck help me to care my little one better?

When you're a parent, the most important thing in the world to you is the knowledge that your child is safe and secure at all times. The fact that Hauck products are robust and well built will put your mind at ease in this respect, whilst the attention we pay to the warmth and comfort of your child will mean that they are happy and relaxed when travelling in a Hauck product. The fact that you can more or less take these basic principles for granted will allow you to get on with enjoying what might be called the 'fun' aspects of parenting – interacting with your child, noting every moment of their development and bringing the many wonders of the passing world to their attention.

Are the products trusted and safe enough for my baby?

Any parent who has used a Hauck product to care for their child will be only too happy to tell you just how safe and well built they are. On top of this, every product they provide has been built to conform to the latest European safety standards, and this is just one of the reasons why they have been trusted to uphold the good names of partners such as Disney, Espirit and I'coo. They trust Hauck to provide products which are well built and safe and so can you.

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