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Halilit Baby's First Birthday Set

Halilit Baby's First Birthday Set

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Celebrate this first milestone in an incredible journey with our stunning selection of baby gifts. Treasure your little one’s first year with our unique 1st birthday presents including a beautiflly presented Luxury Keepsake Treasures Gift Box, perfect for storing photos of your baby’s first experiences and precious moments. The time from birth to when your baby turns one is when the most amazing developments and changes take place. At this age, toys need to stimulate the senses, which is why we offer toys of interesting colours and textures.

Our brightly coloured new baby presents by Tiny Love will captivate your one year old and keep them entertained for hours. Tiny Love are a best known brand for creating colourful toys of high contrast patterns to help your baby pick out differences in shapes and sizes in their first months. Perfect for baby’s development, these fun, engaging toys will keep your growing little explorer entertained. Here are some wonderful baby toys best suited for babys of 12 months.