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Modern blenders specially designed with the little one in mind can be ideal for the creative or cautious parent desirous to keep baby’s food differentiated from the rest of the family in the early years. Bearing in mind that baby probably won’t have a full set of teeth until they’re 3yrs old and you may want to familiarise baby with as many flavours and sources of nutrients as possible before then; hence a blender could be a rewarding choice. Many of them also have in-built steamers, defrosters and food warmers presenting overall good value for money. Babycity offers a substantial choice of trusted baby brands and product features with prices ranging from £9.99 to £169.99.
You may decide that you want to purchase a blender in order to help introduce your baby to various flavours and textures of fresh food as early as possible for easy swallowing and digestion. Many of the general kitchen blenders available on the market maybe suitable for this or you might want one that is more specific to baby’s portions and needs and in turn find it is more economical when not required for others in the household. Good examples are the Tommee Tippee Explora Food Blender and Philips Avent Mini Blender Feeding Set; the latter comes with portion storage cups ideal for freezing and warming when required. If the budget allows we also have blenders with built in capacity to steam the vegetables first, which is the recommended way to cook whist preserving maximum nutrients and makes baby’s food preparation a little more seamless and certainly less work in the kitchen. A perfect example of this is the Philips Avent Combination steamer blender which is so powerful it even blends meat into a puree! Highly recommended for the enthusiast is the Baby Chef Food Centre which has 2 separate compartments allowing steaming and chopping simultaneously. The baby brand Beaba who are internationally renounced and have several awards for their steam blender innovation (which has a patented steam technology method) has 3 models available offering various depths in functionality and capacity. It is worth noting that their models additionally re-heat and defrost feed with steam thereby preserving vitamins and nutrients in the food. Another fantastic gadget that you will find in this section that really shouldn’t just be reserved for baby is the Baby Chef Yogurt maker. This compact unit automatically prepares fresh yogurt (additive and preservative free) in just 6 hours. Enjoy!