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In a recent survey carried out by Which? 25% and 21% of parents surveyed said that the electrical steriliser and microwave steriliser respectively was what they found to be their most useful baby product. With the above gadgets often completing a sterilisation cycle in fewer than 5 minutes (with steam!) and keeping the contents sterile for up to 24hrs unopened it is definitely a time saving and useful device.  With additional backing from leading doctors on the importance of proper sterilisation of bottles, teats, soothers, teethers and breast pumps during baby’s first year we are not surprised it ranks so well in parent’s estimation of useful products. Babycity stocks a wholesome selection of baby sterilisers from the best brands in the industry including Tommee Tippee, Philips Avent, Beaba, MAM and Dr Brown's.

A good steriliser is definitely a worthwhile investment to protect your baby from germs during its first 12months. It is important to realise that your baby’s immune system is new and still developing making it much more susceptible to germs that can cause tummy discomfort. While being breastfed babies will absorb some amount of immunoglubin from Mummy (protection against gastroenteritis) however they cannot produce their own immunoglubin for at least their first 6months. Such bacteria often harbour in milk and food traces left in bottles, teats and pumps. So all these items should be sterilised plus anything that goes into your baby’s mouth such as breast feeding utensils, soothers, teething rings and weaning items.

The type of steriliser that you go for may therefore be influenced by its capacity, space it will take up, brand of bottles that you use, how long the cycle takes and perhaps any freebies (often worth quite a lot) that the steriliser comes with. In addition, there are predominately 2 types of steriliser system which may influence your preference. The first is a simple plug in machine that generates steam to quickly and effectively kill germs on all items placed within it. The main benefit is that it involves no chemicals and it is also worth noting that it is the method used in hospitals. The second is the more modern and convenient approach to this which is converting it into a portable unit to do the same thing but steam activated within a microwave. This is often a much more economical option than the electric steriliser as you would set the time on the microwave etc rather than it being pre-programmed and is also handy if you’re going away for the weekend etc. Some of the microwave sterilisers also have a dual action in that they can also be used on a ‘cold cycle’ (as opposed to steam) and works in combination with either a sterilisation tablet or sterilisation fluid. All of our brands tend to offer both options and include Philips Avent, Tommee Tippee, Dr. Brown’s, Beaba and MAMA. Finally Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature also do a unique single bottle travel steriliser which is very compact and can be used in the microwave or as a cold steriliser and so ideal for on the go use.