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The Baby Einstein Company is a world leader in developmental and entertainment products for babies and toddlers. Baby Einstein introduces babies to the world around them by using real-world objects, music, art, poetry, animals and nature in playful, enriching ways.

Developed from a baby's point of view, Baby Einstein products are unique in the way they have a combination of real world objects which include music, art, language, poetry and nature incorporated into them which provides parents with an opportunity to show baby the world around them in playful, fun and exciting ways that encourages development through play.

Baby Einstein Information

The Concept Behind Baby Einstein
Baby Einstein know that babies are passionately curious. Even the smallest of discoveries are truly fascinating to any baby who sees the world as a colourful place just waiting to be explored. This philosophy is what drives The Baby Einstein Company to create products that engage babies and make discovery fun for them and their parents.

Baby Einstein's focus is to create high-quality, innovative products that bring the arts and humanities to babies in a way that’s fun and appropriate to their age. They strive to put baby first in everything that they do. Baby Einstein are committed to being a resource to parents helping you appreciate the job you’re doing as a parent – the most important and rewarding job anyone can have.

Baby Einstein Products
Baby Einstein offers a wide range of developmental and entertainment products for babies and toddlers. What makes Baby Einstein products unlike any other is that they are created from a baby's point-of-view and incorporate a unique combination of real world objects, music, art, animals and nature - providing you with a fun way to introduce your baby to the big, beautiful new world around him.

How Baby Einstein Started
Over a decade ago, Baby Einstein was founded by Julie Clark, a mother who wanted to share her love of the arts and humanities with her own baby. Her intent was to create products that offered interactive experiences for her and her daughter to discover the world together.

While Baby Einstein has grown over the years, this same intent is at the heart of everything that they do. All of their products are designed to encourage discovery and inspire new ways for parents and little ones to share meaningful time together.

Baby Einstein Awards

Baby Einstein have won numerous awards for their baby products from a number of top choice magazines and organisations but more importantly, the number one choice for parents and their children.

Below are some of the awards the Baby Einstein have been recognised for.

Parent Tested Parent Approved Award for Baby Einstein                      Mom's Choice Baby Einstein Award                          AMBY Baby Einstein Award                    Oppenheim Baby Einstein Award
   Parent Tested                            Mom's Choice                               American Baby                Oppenheim Toy Portfolio
 Parent Approved                               Award                                 Best Toy of The Year                   Best Toy Award
       Winner                                Honoring Exellence                                Award                                    Gold Seal

 Baby Einstein is:

  • A trusted resource for parents
  • A collection of age appropriate products
  • Designed to inspire shared moments of discovery
  • A way to introduce babies to the real world around them
  • Designed from a baby's point of view
  • The brand created by a mum for mums