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Bright Starts strives to deliver fresh ideas that inspire a Childs confidence and curiosity. Their range will put your baby's needs first, by using smart, fresh solutions for parents to deliver on the promise to delight and entertain their babies.

Bright Starts are pleased to offer a wide variety of innovative activity play stations, play gyms, bouncers, swings and toys all guaranteed to ensure baby will have good time and mum and dad will have fun playing with the kids too. The range includes the Pretty in Pink Collection, the Comfort and Harmony Collection and the InGenuity collection to cater for all parents nursery needs.

Bright Starts Information

The Concept Behind Bright Starts
This range of products is born out of a relentless dedication to bringing parent the highest quality, innovative and relevant products possible, all at affordable prices. Smiles, giggles, and happy babies are what really motive Bright Starts.

Bright Starts has a large portfolio of award winning products from leading industry and consumer organisations. Their products are infused with the perfect combination of clever and engaging features, and are designed to spark smiles and laughter while developing baby. Start the fun with Bright Starts!

The History Of Bright Starts
Bright Starts have been creating a fascinating world for babies since their founder, a grandmother, came up with a great idea to keep infants from slipping in the bathtub. That was 1969.

Since then at even more original and inventive thinking has led to a long list of products that have revolutionized the industry and made babyhood more fun for everyone. Bright Starts see it as a wonderful growth spurt that‘s allowed them to share their award-winning products with babies and parents the world over.

Bright Starts
Bright Starts are offers innovative activity playstations, play gyms, bouncers, swings aiming to guarantee your baby will have a good time and mum and dad will have fun playing with the kids too.

Pretty In Pink Collection
This season... all the girls will be in pink! The Pretty In Pink collection puts a whole new twist on being girly. Your child will look adorable in this collection with the sweet characters and colours which make the Pretty in Pink Collection a must have this season.

The Pretty in Pink collection by Bright Starts which is inspired by current trends is definitely a fun approach to take with your baby girl. The greatest thing about this collection is that a portion of the proceeds from this collection will be supporting breast cancer research and awareness which will provide the small girls of today a better and brighter future.

Comfort & Harmony Collection
The Comfort and Harmony Collection is brought to you by Bright Starts and is designed with babies in mind offering comfort when needed while keeping Mum happy that her little baby looks stylish.

This collection will see your child relax with a unique system design that incorporates total body reclining position, eronomic cradle seat and beautiful soft touch fabric to keep your baby relaxed, comfortable and happy.

InGenuity Collection
The InGenuity Collection combines the latest innovations in technology with on-trend styling and plush fabrics to create the most soothing and attractive product offering possible. Each product is designed with unique technologies to provide parents the features that make life with baby even more enjoyable. From a bouncer that bounces by itself, to a swing that runs on one set of batteries for babies entire first year, this collection of innovative gear products raises the bar on feature and fashion.