Lindam offers a broad range of products for every day life, designed to offer parents solutions to child safety. Their comprehensive range of safety products includes baby monitors, safety gates, play pens, baby door bouncers, and home and travel accessories.

Lindam Information

The Concept Behind Lindam
Parents who choose Lindam have the assurance in knowing that all products have been designed with babies and toddlers in mind. Quality is paramount, designed and developed with extensive research and manufactured using the safest and where necessary strongest materials and tested in the best laboratories around the world to ensure they are the safest in the market.

The History of Lindam
Lindam has always been a well-established brand since 1988 and is recognised as being Europe's leading child home safety brand.  The company's aim is to make clever products that help today's parents feed and care for their children as safely as possible designed with infants and parents in mind and manufactured to standards that help ensure they are the safest on the market.

In January 2010, Lindam joined Munchkin Inc. the Californian based designer and manufacturer of innovative infant and toddler products. The amalgamation creates a global baby and infant specialist supplier with a comprehensive product portfolio. In addition to Lindam’s strong safety portfolio, including market-leading safety gates, bouncers and nursery monitors, the range now includes Munchkin’s portfolio of industry leading products across infant categories including bath, care, travel and feeding. 

Lindam Safety Gates
Lindam offers the most comprehensive range of award winning child safety gates and guards available, including pressure fit, wall fix and portable solutions. All of our safety gates are rigorously tested to above and beyond European safety standards and against competitor equivalents. Each gate is unique, with it’s own range of features that have been designed to supersede like for like products, providing parents with optimum safety solutions.

Lindam Multi Function Safety Solutions   
The award winning Play Pen is a multi-function safety solution designed to provide children with a safe environment, protecting them from a range of danger areas. It’s versatility allows it to be transformed from a play pen into a multi panel safety gate or a room divider. The Easy Fit 3 Panel Safety Gate is perfect for irregular size areas and has a multitude of configuration options to ensure the perfect fit.

Portable Safety Gates    
The Lindam FlexiGuard is a lightweight and portable alternative to conventional safety gates. Incorporating a quick release pressure fit handle, the FlexiGuard can be installed in 3 simple steps. This collapsible barrier innovatively ‘twists and folds’ into its own carry bag making it ideal for travel. The FlexiGuard is not a traditional safety gate and acts only as a temporary barrier to safeguard potential danger areas. To open, it must be completely removed.

Safe & Secure Bed Rails    
The Lindam Safe and Secure Bedrail helps children make the transition from a cot to a bed without the fear of falling out in the night. Designed to cushion the child as they sleep, the lightweight extendable metal frame is padded and covered with fabric. The secure locking mechanism and convenient hinged folding design makes lifting the child.
Door Bouncers        
By the time a baby reaches 6 months, their new found strength and increasing muscle control helps them start to make things happen independently of Mum. From reaching and grasping, to discovering the magic of cause and effect. The new Jump range encourages the development of motor skills such as jumping and moving, whilst stimulating visual and auditory senses with colourful and noisy toys. Tested to 1 Million Bounces.

Designed with over 20 years of experience in baby monitors, the award winning collection provides parents with a range of optional features to monitor their babies. The range combines advanced technology and design innovation providing a more modern solution in baby monitors.

Home Safety Accessories        
As the leading brand in child safety, Lindam has re-designed and re-positioned the standard home safety accessories currently found in the market to offer parents a choice of enhanced safety products. Xtra Guard™ are revolutionary new lines take safety a step further, featuring a double layer of security providing tamper resilience and double locking protection. Rigorously tested against competitor equivalents, the range has been designed to supersede like for like products. All products feature a double layer of security providing double locking protection

Travel Safety Accessories        
As the leading UK and European brand in child home safety, Lindam introduces a comprehensive range of Travel Safety solutions. Combining safety and convenience, the range helps provide safety, comforts and convenience whilst on the go.