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Little Bird Told Me has lovingly developed a collection of traditional and innovative nursery toys that will delight both you and baby. They understand how precious the first months and years are for your child's physical and emotional development and that's why they have taken extra special care to ensure that their range of baby toys, baby mobiles and rockers engage and delight your child, whilst encouraging imaginative free play. And because fun is infectious, it won't just be your little one treasuring their new gift... you will too!

Little Bird Told Me Information

The Concept Behind Little Bird Told Me
Toys today seem to last only as long as a child’s attention span before they break or wear out! Little Bird Told Me believe in toys that are built to last. That’s why their toys are made to the highest quality standards. Not just for a few hours, but for years of fun!

Little Bird Told Me are a small team dedicated to making the world of little people and grown-ups that little bit more special. Although it is a new company, it has many years experience within the toy and nursery industry designing and developing many award-winning toys for babies and kids to enjoy all over the world.

In an industry awash with electronic toys that almost control how a child should play, Little Bird Told Me sees the beauty in simple traditionally based toys that have the ability to capture a child's imagination and encourage explorative play. That's why all of their products have carefully considered interactive features that stimulate and encourage free-play rather than dictate it.

Little Bird Told Me have created a range of toys that delight and stimulate children as well as providing exceptional quality and longevity. So in the end it’s not just the little people who will be happy, but the grown-ups too!

Keeping it Ethical and Kinds
Little Bird Told Me are an ethical company and use materials that can be easily recycled or are biodegradable. That's why they have a 'low tech' approach and don't have electronics or battery powered functions. They make every effort to minimise the use of plastic packaging or plastic bags, favouring biodegradable cardboard and tissue paper.