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The type of baby monitor you choose may be influenced by your budget (£24.99 to £299.99) and also how much you require from the monitor. Do you just want to hear baby? In which case an audio monitor will be sufficient; or would you prefer to see and hear baby (video monitor). Or do you have additional needs to monitor baby’s breathing in which case a sensory or combined sensor video monitor is required. Prices also vary within each category often depending on features included such as the distance covered, size of screen, number of handsets, whether it also plays lullabies or has a nightlight, thermometer, clock etc. From the most economical to the most expensive models you can rest-assured the baby monitors Babycity stocks provide excellent coverage and are only manufactured by the best brands in the industry including Tomy, Philips Avent, Motorola, Tomme Tippee, Angelcare and Lindam.