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A moses basket is normally used for a baby’s first bed as they provide a cosy environment for your little one to enjoy a peaceful sleep in. Your baby has been in your womb for 9 months- a comfortable, warm environment, which is why a small space that provides warmth and security is ideal for those first few months. Moses baskets also have handles so you can move your baby into different rooms while you keep a loving eye on them. Our Lollipop Lane baby baskets are the luxurious space your precious one needs, cosy and snug, and available in a range of gorgeous designs to fit in beautifully with your nursery. We also offer great value baby baskets from East Coast, Hello Kitty and Obaby in pretty pink or in a range of relaxing, pastel tones. Browse our moses basket stands that elevate your baby from the floor, making it easy for you to tend to them.