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Being a baby isn’t easy particularly considering the huge rate of growth and development that is physically going on in a short space of time. Teething and pre-teething can be frustrating and painful for baby which was how oral soothers and teethers were developed by paediatricians to try and elevate and comfort baby from some of these stresses. Soothers encourage and allow sucking (a natural reflex that babies are accustom to and like) and hence can soothe, calm and distract them from any initial trigger of distress. Teethers allow baby to bite and chew whilst the product by default massages their gums. Some teethers are shaped and designed to target certain groups of teeth and or can be kept in the fridge to again help with the tenderness and pain in the mouth. In this section you will also find products to help keep hold of precious soothers such as clips and pods.