babycity aims to provide parents with a comprehensive range of products specially designed for premature and low birth weight babies. Listed below are some products we provide with details about what your little one may need in their first few months.

tiny dee tiny traveller

extra support for premature babies in car seats and buggies
The Tiny Dee Tiny Traveller™ is a unique baby car seat carrier that fits snugly into first stage car seats to keep premature babies safe, secure and comfortable up to about 15lbs.

supports babies spine

This insert has been developed to:
  • offers invaluable cushioning for the babies spine
  • comfortable padding for the head helps prevent head wobble
  • protects babies tummy from the buckle
  • prevents babies from sliding from buggies
  • keep little ones snug and secure

helps prevent slouching

Developed by a mother who recognised that babies often require extra support in car seats to prevent them from slouching, which can cause them to experience breathing difficulties.


versatile and easy to use

Suitable for use in:

essential for low birth weight and premature babies

  • Hospitals will not let you leave their premises unless you have a 1st stage baby car seat.
  • The Tiny Traveller™ offers extra support for new born and small babies in your car seat.
  • Suitable from birth to approx. 15lbs or until the head and back support is no longer required.
  • Easily secures into car seats and buggies.
  • Can be adjusted as your baby grows and as long as they need head support.
  • Ideal for premature and low birth weight babies.

Tiny Traveller

Tiny Traveller


early baby clothes

designed for your little one, for use in incubators

babycity stocks Tiny Dee premature clothing and accessories which includes an extensive collection of basic and fashion clothing for premature and low birth weight babies. This specialist collection aims to support parents through the stressful time of caring for their premature baby.

Tiny Dee has taken into careful consideration the special needs of premature babies, hence featured in the range are 'easy access' garments to facilitate changing or monitoring a tiny baby.

There is a range of truly "Early Baby" clothes for the tiniest babies with two sizes between 1 lb and 3 lb. These include special clothing to give easy access for medical intervention while the babies are in their incubators.

clothes from 1-2lbs

Early Baby clothes

beautiful clothes for prem babies

something to fit your little one

The Tiny Dee range alos focuses on clothing in three sizes, 3-5lb, 5-8lb and 8-12lb which includes basic items such as 100% cotton bodysuits, sleepsuits and accessories, all made to fit your little one perfectly.

Cotton fashion styles are also included as are fashion velour styles, ideal for small babies who loose heat easily. Specially recommended is the velour snowsuit, ideal for taking baby home from hospital when cold outside.

All garments have been designed with the baby in mind, and feature easy access openings to make dressing and nappy changing for smaller babies a little bit easier.

clothes for prem babies

premature nappies

Even tiny babies need nappies! And it helps if they fit. Babycity has selected some really tiny nappies designed for babies weighing between 2lbs - 4.5lbs. These nappies ensure baby stays dry, with no leaks and fit snugly. Just what you need to help keep your little one dry and happy.