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Highchairs That Grow With Baby

Highchairs That Grow With Baby

Using a highchair for your little one is not just about convenience and safety, but also a beneficial tool for their development.

Highchairs provide a safe and secure space for your child to sit during mealtimes, giving you peace of mind knowing they are not at risk of falling from an adult-sized chair! Most come with a 5 point harness to keep baby secure, which is especially helpful when they're a little unsteady or in a 'curious George' mode.

The elevated position of a highchair is designed to make it easier for you to feed little ones without having to bend down. In addition, it allows your child to be at the same eye level as the rest of the family round the dinner table, promoting social interaction and creating a sense of inclusion during meals. This is great for bonding and potentially reducing anxiety. 

Additionally, a highchair promotes proper posture and body alignment when eating, encouraging your child to develop good eating habits from an early age. It can also support the development of core muscles in the progression of their motor skills. By sitting upright, during meals, it allows for improved digestion and swallowing and therefore absorption of nutrients.

The tray of the highchair also provides a designated space for your child's food, catch spills and food debris, making cleanup much more manageable. Designed to be detachable and easy to wash, the tray helps make mealtime cleanup much easier, saving parents time and effort.

The Beaba Evolutive highchair has all these features of practicality safety, socialisation, posture, and easy clean up but also grows with your child. Featuring patented technology, the highchair's height can be adjusted through 6 different heights allowing for little ones to be seated from 6 months to approximately 8 years (50kg max weight). Not only that, its genuinely easier than easy to adjust the height, via the side buttons on the high chair.  At an SRP of £150, that's actually great value. It also includes a t-bar and footrest, and removable tray and 5 point harness for compatibly as little one grows.

This beautiful, chic, ergonomic design is synonymous with Beaba and makes for a most desirable and comfortable addition to your home. Check out the Beaba Evolutive high chair in dark grey and white grey on Baby City today.